Brewing/Distilling Control System

Yokogawa’s Brewing/Distilling Control System stemmed from our partnership with two startup microbreweries and their need for a system that reduced the hands-on monitoring and perfectly controlled all temperature and timing requirements.

Our custom solutions incorporate a process automation controller with a digital graphic display operator interface, allowing the Brew Master to monitor and alter temperatures and timing cycles as the brewing recipe requires. A data acquisition system can also be included to provide historical feedback for each brew to ensure the repeatability and quality of each recipe.

Our systems can be designed to accommodate all processes startup to established, providing the precise control needed to help grow your business and create a consistent and reliable brewing process.

Features & Benefits

Ease of use for operators

  • Intuitive, easy-to-read screens
  • Artisans can quickly learn how to operate the system through quick and simple navigation

Data logging for all test readings

  • Logging is active during recipe runs
  • Logged data is stored internally in the recording unit on industry standard media
  • When recipe run is completed, the data files can be automatically FTP’d to a server or other PC for analysis, report generation and archive

Wireless access

  • Send SMS text messages for alarm conditions or status reports
  • Mobile app available Send status/alarm email
  • Access data logs
  • Remote viewing and remote control

Easy to load recipes for multiple product runs

  • Allows development and management of multiple product recipe runs
  • Recipes can be created locally and saved on a separate server, then easily re-loaded into the system locally or remotely


  • Can expand to a system consisting of multiple production lines without having to upgrade the base system
  • Each system can run independent recipes
  • All production systems can be locally or remotely viewed and controlled

Best in class temperature control

  • Temperature control module enables fine control at high speed, accuracy, and resolution
  • Built-in “SUPER” function surpasses overshooting using fuzzy theory and a “dynamic auto-tuning” function to deliver the best possible manufacturing quality


Control Screen


Control Screen

Control Screen


Control Screen



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