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Learn. Grow. Co-innovate.

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We are building a sustainable society by connecting with our customers, and co-innovating with them to build a brighter tomorrow together.  Join us if you are ready to learn, grow, and co-innovate.

Help create a brighter future

Yokogawa was founded in 1915. Today, Yokogawa generates around $4 billion dollars in annual sales, is in 61 countries and is a world leader in industrial automation and control, test and measurement, information systems and industrial services.

Your ideas and work will be a part of the global solutions we provide to our customers, creating the foundation for healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.


Be the catalyst

Work for a company that was founded over 100 years ago and is an innovative, global leader. We work together with our customers in the chemical, oil & gas, energy, industrial materials, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries. As we solve customer challenges, we co-innovate to create a sustainable society.

With Yokogawa, you will have the chance to help create a brighter future for all.

This is who we are

Our mission as a company, our goal is to contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control and information. Individually, we aim to combine good citizenship with the courage to innovate.

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A collaborative environment where we are creating quality of life for all

We invite you to have a conversation with us about opportunities that await you whether you are a Student, Graduate, or Experienced Professional. Find out today how you can personally contribute to society in the areas of measurement, control, and information to build a brighter future.




For Professionals

Experience is your key to a brighter future. At Yokogawa we offer many opportunities for you to work on international teams and environments as well as the ability to move between different departments and functions, to gain new insight and experience.

Whether you have managerial ambitions, a desire to become a specialist or international aspirations, together we will make it happen.

For Graduates

Grow your career with us. Recent graduates have the chance to engage with deep subject matter experts and elite industry leaders to develop high value solutions in the chemical, refining, offshore industries. Our employees play a critical role in bringing our products and solutions to market and collaborating at all levels of the organization to make a material impact on our customers' operations and the global community.



For Students

Here at Yokogawa, we are stewards of sustainability and innovation and see students as a catalyst to reach our goal of a brighter future for all. We have two programs to support students while they complete their studies and begin their professional career.






Emerging Professionals Program

Our rotational program provides you with a unique and broad experience. Students interested in Industrial Automation are invited to get in touch so you can learn more about our Emerging Professionals program.

You will be taken through three separate Yokogawa rotations, each with unique experiences to help you broaden and deepen your skill set.




At Yokogawa, you will find co-op opportunities that have been custom tailored to many areas of study.

Students will find opportunities in Industrial Automation, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Electrical Mechanics, and General Operational Engineering.




Connect with your future

We welcome you to explore our social media channels.

Get in touch, build your network, and keep an eye on what Yokogawa is doing both locally and globally.






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