Yokogawa is committed to providing sustainable solutions and services that meet the expectations of our customers.

The interests of our stakeholders, such as customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, governments and society, profoundly influence our business processes and practices.

Based on our core values of Quality, Innovation, Foresight, we will meet customer requirements for Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management in harmony with regulatory requirements. We actively foster the continual improvement of these management systems to empower each employee to practice the See Clearly, Know in Advance, and Act with Agility working philosophy.

At Yokogawa, QHSE responsibilities are integral to our management routines and employee behavior, through which we engage in protecting the environment, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community, our customers, employees, and subcontractors. Our goal is to provide quality deliveries to our customers, minimize impact to the environment, and prevent harm to our employees and others who are affected by our activities.

Yokogawa management recognizes its responsibility for creating and sustaining a culture that supports the implementation of QHSE standards. Management provides leadership and commitment to ensure that necessary resources to execute these standards are available and are in compliance with Yokogawa rules and guidelines.

We will continue to take a proactive approach towards quality and maintain a safe and healthy work environment with tools and methodologies for all employees and subcontractors to minimize health risks, reducing waste and using energy efficiently. We promote continued QHSE education and training for all employees and ensure a thorough evaluation of customer complaints, non-conformities, and incidents resulting in effective improvement processes.

Our certified management systems integrate international standards and control measures regarding Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management into our business processes and verify our performance.