LIMS Data Exchange (Exaquantum/LDX)

The Problem
The secure transfer of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) information from often remote areas of the plant to a central location in combination with process data. LIMS data is important to the business and cannot be lost due to network issues or server shutdown.

The Solution
What is LIMS Data Management? Yokogawa’s Exaquantum LIMS Data Exchange software (LDX) provides an open interface to reliably obtain LIMS data supplied by LIMS packages for storage into Exaquantum/PIMS. This LIMS data, together with the associated process and alarm & events data from Exaquantum PIMS, provides users with a complete data set for analysis.

Benefits of LIMS Data Management

  • Standardized open LIMS interface
  • Secure data transfer
  • No missing LIMS data

Industrial Applications of LIMS Data Management

  • Automated LIMS data analysis process allowing data to be automatically retrieved at regular (scheduled) intervals.
  • Ability to retrieve LIMS data on demand.
  • Secure data transfer is based on standard SQL Server or Oracle read-only LIMS database views ensuring no current or historical data is lost. 



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