Products such as signal converters, surge arresters that protect electronic equipment, power equipment meters, and power monitors that monitor power consumption in real time. These high-performance solutions help to improve the reliability of production processes and reduce energy consumption. Yokogawa components are recognized for their high quality, multi-functionality, real-time power consumption monitoring, and ease of use.



OpreX Components belongs to the OpreX Measurement category of the comprehensive OpreX brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business. We offer an extensive component lineup that includes signal converters, surge arresters, power equipment meters, and power monitors.




Yokogawa's UPM100 Power Monitor provides overall factory power monitoring operations and the DX1000 Paperless Recorder for temperature recording in refining furnaces.




What is the best way to reduce unplanned downtime? Visibility is a key factor. A lack of visibility is the main cause for unplanned downtime.

In this video learm how Yokogawa addressed this problem.

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