Control and Safety System

Control and safety instrumented systems that support high efficiency, high quality, and safe plant operations. Based on our over 45 years of experience in the production control systems field, we provide solutions that support long-term stable production and enable a flexible and prompt response to changes in the business environment.
Our distributed control system (DCS) brings together the best of our unique digital control technology, experience, and know-how, and our safety instrumented system (SIS) prevents plant accidents from occurring and prevent damage from spreading in the event of an unexpected accident.


Control and Safety System

OpreX Control and Safety System belongs to the OpreX Control category of the comprehensive OpreX brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business. We offer an extensive range of distributed control system and safety instrumented system solutions. 


  • Collaborative Information Server

    Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) allows immediate improvement to production efficiency through DX (digital transformation) and reduction of operational maintenance whilst building a digital transformation framework.

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  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

    Safeguard your plant with our industry-leading safety instrumented systems, designed to prevent unnecessary shutdowns, improve asset performance, and enhance operator effectiveness.

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  • SCADA System

    Our IoT-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system optimizes automation and monitoring throughout the entire enterprise.

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  • High Availability Technology

    For the Yokogawa's high availability technology, by the redundant configuration of two PCs, contributes to realization of high availability of the system and improvement of productivity.

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The whitepaper discusses the importance of safety culture in achieving a smarter and safer working environment. It highlights statistics on work-related accidents and diseases, the cost of poor safety culture, and the need for a true safety culture achieved through company leadership.


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