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Yokogawa provides the next generation in Control of Work solutions, providing you with best practice knowledge gained over 25 years by implementing solutions in highly hazardous operational environments.
The system has layers of safety for all industries, all scales, all risks. It is a Smart System of simple, clear, intuitive modules, with the intelligence to assure complete Control of Work audit compliance and drive continuous Safety Improvement.
Within the system, it holds the Knowledge and Experience gained from Millions of Hours of Risk Assessment and Permitting. And being language independent, it has a common language of safety for all to keeping your entire workforce safe.

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  • Permit to Work

    Permit to Work: Your documented safety method for controlled work, ensuring front-line protection of your workforce and contractors

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  • Risk Assessment

    The fully knowledge-based system can be used to carry out Risk Assessments in any language you choose to ensure worker and contractor safety.

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  • Isolations

    Build step-by-step Isolation Procedures for every type of work with the ability to template for use with similar equipment and store away for future use

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  • Mobile

    Ensure safety, speed, and accuracy of real time information in the field for your workforce and contractors with Mobile 

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Paper-based solutions limit remote data access, real-time tracking, communication, and collaboration within the workforce, as well as:

  • Limited 
    • Risk assessment capabilities 
    • Options for efficiency improvements
    • Opportunities for continuous learning
    • Limited language typically only one
  • Variable and inconsistent risk assessments
  • Inability to link to Maintenance Management Systems and new technologies

Our Solution

  • Yokogawa’s Digital Control of Work Solution is an intelligent alternative to just digitising a paper form
  • Control of Work has 3 core functions: 
              Risk Assessment | Permit to Work | Isolations
  • Digital Control of Work Solution has layers of safety for all industries, all scales, all risks. It is a Smart System of Simple, Clear, Intuitive modules 
  • The system has built in Knowledge and Experience gained from Millions of Hours of Risk Assessment and Permitting
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  • Assure complete Control of Work audit compliance and drives Continuous Safety Improvement.
  • Significantly improve Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Significantly improve Safety Culture
  • Enhanced Productivity allows for cost savings
  • Interface with key systems such as Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) and Mobile technology for connected workers
  • Configurable work process allowing integration with legacy systems
  • Enables remote work and social distancing

Enabling Technology

Three core functions comprise Control of Work

Control of Work



In this Yokogawa RAP Best Practices eBook, you’ll discover how our wealth of knowledge about Integrated Safe Systems and Control of Work is available to help you and your teams design and implement a system that best suits your needs.


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