Flow Computers

What Is a Flow Computer?

Accepting signals from vortex and magnetic flowmeters, flow computers are also suitable for use with other flow measurement technologies, including turbine, differential pressure, and target type flowmeters. Yokogawa offers a wide range of flow computers/totalizers, batch controllers, and thermal energy calculators.

  • 202 Field Mounting Rate Totalizer

    The 202 Field Mounting Rate Totalizer requires no external power and is designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement, paddlewheel, and vortex flowmeters in applications such as irrigation systems and pipelines, and as a replacement for mechanical registers.

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  • 212 Heat Calculator

    The 212 Heat Calculator is designed to measure the energy consumed in hot water heating systems and chilled water cooling systems. The 212 will interface with a wide range of flowmeters, including vortex and magnetic flowmeters with pulse outputs, positive displacement and inferential water meters, turbine and paddlewheel flowmeters.

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  • 515 Steam and Gas Flow Computer

    The 515 Steam and Gas Flow computer incorporates a variety of compensation equations for gas and vapors. Inputs from a wide range of flowmeters are accepted, including vortex, turbine, orifice plate, averaging pitot tubes, wedges, and target flowmeters.

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