Symbiotic Economy:
Creating Value Through the Power to Connect

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The Acceleration of Industrial Autonomy and Its Impact on Sustainable Manufacturing

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5 categories of OpreX brand

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Realizing Pharma 4.0 by Digital Transformation

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Yokogawa is accelerating our contributions in six areas to address social issues.

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Success Stories

Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd.

The Value of Visualization - Sushi Sensor Contributes to Kyowa Hakko Bio's Stable Supply of Products that Support Health and Well-being of People Around the World

Bahrain Petroleum Company

Collaborative Effort on Enhancing the Process and Productivity by Five-year Renewable Life Cycle Agreement

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Sensing Technology and its Applications

Introducing how sensing technology can be applied to generate greater innovations, and looking at the challenges ahead.

KBC Advanced Technologies

KBC identifies, implements and sustains operational excellence for our customers.

Next-Generation Submicron Particle Imaging

FlowCam Nano represents a leap forward in technology and offer the highest-resolution images of submicron particles.