System Health Monitoring Service
System Health Monitoring

The network health monitoring software monitors overall system performance by measuring various key design criteria like network performance, field and safety controller performance, HMI performance, server performance, etc.

Challenges For Customers

Has the system’s performance been maximized?

For example, due to an unintended increase in the system’s resources or significant load on the network, it becomes a major factor in lowering the overall performance of the system.

System Health Monitoring
System Health Monitoring

Our Solutions

Analyzes and evaluates the health of the system’s hardware/software.

Yokogawa gathers the health data of the system equipment and then provides an evaluation report comparing this data with data at the time the system was delivered or the last time such data was acquired. This service performance monitoring system allows the customer to clearly grasp the health of the system at transition times or during maintenance periods.

Customer Benefits

Maximization of system performance

By maintaining the system’s overall health, system performance can be maximized.

System Health Monitoring
System Health Monitoring

Enabling Technology

System Health Check Tool

This is a service tool that automatically gathers the necessary parameter data in order to analyze and evaluate the system’s hardware/software. A qualified Yokogawa engineer uses this service tool to promptly complete the procedures for gathering all the relevant information without affecting the overall system.


What Is System Health Monitoring?

Computer system health monitoring of overall system performance measures design criteria like network performance, field and safety controller performance, and HMI performance

  • Fault detection, analysis, and diagnostics hardware and software
  • Detailed information
  • Centralized management of  instrumentation, separation of logical and physical asset
  • Forecast, prediction, and maintenance
  • Eliminate unplanned shutdowns
  • Maintain process automation system at latest technology levels
  • Continuous productivity and profitability improvements
  • Control costs

Industrial Applications of a System Health Monitoring System

  • Sustainable plants

Benefits of System Health Monitoring

  • Sustainability
  • Safe, secure, and stable
  • Innovative technology
  • Business efficiency



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