Chart Recorders

Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Chart Recorders

Electrical chart recorders trend electrical or mechanical signals onto paper. Even today, paper records create more permanent records for long-term archives or audit. Yokogawa chart recorders offer world-class performance and reliability. For example, they can back up and recall data in case of strip chart recorder paper jams or ink problems.

  • µR10000 & µR20000

    • μR series compact industrial recorders
    • Digital chart recorder + paper chart recorder
    • Recording widths 100 mm (μR10000) and 180 mm (μR20000)
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Chart Recorder Accessories

Standard Accessories:

  • Z-fold chart
  • 6 color ribbon cassette 
  • Plotter pen
  • SD memory card (1 GB, with the /EM1 option)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Operation manual

Spares/Optional Accessories

  • Z-fold chart
  • 6 color ribbon cassette
  • Disposable felt-pen cartridge
  • Plotter pen
  • 1GB SD memory card
  • Mounting brackets
  • Shunt resistor (screw input or clamped input terminal)



Industrial artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) software and long-range sensors predict maintenance requirements across entire enterprises, increasing productivity and profits.

The HR series recorders were discontinued in early 1994.
The stop date for maintenance parts on all HR series recorders was March 31st, 2003.  
If the display on an HR series recorder shows an A/D Scanner Error, then the recorder has a bad sub power board and/or a bad A/D board. Any time you get this error, the recorder cannot be repaired, and a replacement will need to be purchased. Please ...
The max channel count on the HR2300/HR2400 recorder is 30 channels.



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