12 Days of Tech


IT/OT Security Operations Center​

Do you need to transform your IT/OT cybersecurity risk management? On the Twelfth Day of Tech, we are sharing the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC), which is designed specifically for industrial environments and uses predictive AI and machine learning technologies to enable users to stay a step ahead of cyber risks.​


With more connectivity comes greater risk. As the adoption of industrial automation and IoT grows in your organization, so does your cyber attack surface area. Protecting your security perimeter, investigating alerts, analyzing scenarios, and proactively mitigating risks become increasingly challenging.​

  • The Yokogawa OpreX™ IT/OT SOC provides a thorough, proactive model, integrating IT and OT security centers for a singular, real-time view of your security posture.​

  • The IT/OT SOC solves your most common security challenges including identifying threats caused by outdated or unpatched software or operating systems and recommendations and actions against recent unknown cyber threats.

  • It strengthens digital and physical security and analyzes ICS-specific threats to defend the industrial control systems while prioritizing the safety and reliability of operations.​

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Asset Health Insights​

Wouldn’t it be amazing to collect, refine, and aggregate operational data from distributed assets using IoT sensors? Absolutely! On the Eleventh Day of Tech, we would like to share with you the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s OpreX Asset Health Insights a complete, dependable, scalable service that is an important step in your digital transformation journey. It is powered by Yokogawa Cloud and allows for quick and simple setup that is infrastructure agnostic.​


Process operators who are confronted too often with unplanned downtime must increase operational efficiencies with up-to-date asset management and monitoring.​

  • OpreX Asset Health Insights collects, refines, and aggregates operational data from distributed assets using IoT sensors.

  • The service provides a 360° view across your operations using real-time data for informed critical business decisions.​

  • Built on decades of industry experience, OT domain knowledge, and the latest IT technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud, Yokogawa Asset Health Insights proactively monitors your assets and devices to provide deep insights more quickly.​

  • Yokogawa supports clients with IIoT and smart manufacturing use-case identification.​

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Advanced Decision Support ​

Do you need to enhance decision-making in the control room using real-time information, advanced analytics, and enhanced decision support? On the Tenth Day of Tech, we would like to share the gift of experiencing Yokogawa’s Advanced Decision Support. This technology drives operational excellence by enabling operators to respond more effectively to abnormal situations and improves overall plant safety and efficiency.​


When confronted with an abnormal situation, operators face information overload and a flood of alarms. It can be difficult to sort through all the "noise" to pinpoint the best data for decision-making in a crisis. Poor decisions or a failure to respond in adequate time can potentially lead to a production shutdown or, worse, a safety incident.​

  • Advanced Decision Support assists operators in making the best decisions during critical operations such as start-up or when abnormal conditions arise.​Data collection, validation, alarming and statistical analyses are automated.​

  • The methodology is designed to use best practices to assist operators in semi-structured or unstructured decision-making processes to support operator judgment.​

  • Advanced Decision Support consists of three key functions: alarm management, human machine interface (HMI) management, and procedure management. This combination enables users to effectively integrate, engineer and operate these functions based on several International Society of Automation (ISA) globally recognized standards.​

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PCS and MES​ Batch Solutions 

Are you faced with the problem of efficiently integrating both PCS and MES operations? We have the best solution! On the Ninth Day of Tech, we are sharing the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s OpreX Batch Solution.​


In many areas of the specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries, product lifecycles are becoming shorter and greater variety is required. Batch manufacturers are challenged to rapidly develop and deliver new products while maintaining current operations.​

  • Yokogawa’s OpreX Batch Solution is designed specifically for batch manufacturers who need to efficiently integrate PCS and MES operations. 

  • Encompassing all phases from design through maintenance, the OpreX Batch Solution efficiently eliminates overlapped work between PCS and MES.​

  • The OpreX Batch Solution effectively reduces human error possibilities by addressing both automated and manual operation issues.​

  • Reusable PCS and MES applications based on Yokogawa’s deep knowledge further reduce costs and time.​

  • The OpreX Batch Solution supports batch manufacturers over the entire plant lifecycle.​

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Paperless Recorders with Predictive AI

Can a recorder alert operators to anomalies and upsets before the process trends out of compliance? Absolutely! On the Eighth Day of Tech we are sharing the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s Future Pen SMARTDAC+ GX/GP Series Paperless Recorders and how this technology predicts the future of the process.​


Without AI technology, issues that could not be addressed using conventional analysis methods included abnormal sign detection, root cause analysis, and quality estimation.​

  • AI is installed as a standard feature while maintaining the reliability and functions of the SMARTDAC+ GX/GP Series Paperless Recorders.

  • With no complicated settings, users simply register which channels monitor as "future pens" and draw the near future as waveforms.​

  • The GX/GP series is a panel mount or portable paperless recorder that provides intuitive touch panel operation. Its highly flexible, modular I/O architecture enables users to acquire, display, and record data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow, and pressure in a variety of industrial production and development applications.​

  • The GX/GP series even allows operators to write comments directly to the touch screen just like marking up a paper chart.​

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Advanced Pressure ​Sensor Technology

Do you need a pressure transmitter that does more than simply provide accurate and reliable data for process control? On the Seventh Day of Tech we would like to share the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s DPharp Pressure Sensor Technology and how it delivers high reliability across a broad range of process conditions.​


Even today, pressure transmitter users encounter issues with accuracy and performance. Process upsets and procedures such as incorrect sequencing of a manifold during start-up or shutdown can damage sensors, which require the transmitter to be recalibrated, or even replaced, to return to normal operations.​

  • With improved digital performance, measurement accuracy, and overpressure protection, DPharp pressure transmitters enable enhanced product quality.​

  • By providing a digital signal, the DPharp sensor eliminates the need for analog-to-digital conversion and enhances performance.​

  • A single DPharp sensor outputs the differential pressure (DP), static pressure (SP), and sensor temperature to compensate the DP measurement for static pressure and temperature effect in real-time.​

  • With fewer devices to manage, maintain and calibrate, users realize reduced overall lifecycle costs.​

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Coriolis Meters with Total Insight Over the Entire Product Life Cycle​

Do you need a mass flowmeter with very high accuracy for liquid and gas measurement? Absolutely! On the Sixth Day of Tech we are sharing the gift of discovering the unique features that make Yokogawa's ROTAMASS TI Coriolis Flowmeter one of the most trusted, robust, advanced field measurement instruments worldwide and how the Total Insight concept supports the entire product life cycle.​


Industrial users need a flowmeter that directly measures the mass flow rate with high accuracy while simultaneously measuring density, temperature, volumetric flow rate, and concentration.​

  • Total Insight supports the entire product life cycle which includes Total Health Check, MicroSD Card, Concentration Calculations, and Features on Demand.

  • The “box-in-box” design of the ROTAMASS TI isolates the flow tubes from the process connections. By absorbing the mechanical noise or any external forces from misalignment from the pipeline, it delivers an excellent zero stability and final flat accuracy.​

  • Yokogawa has addressed the needs of specific applications and simplicity in operation by offering six dedicated product lines with two specialized transmitters for maximum flexibility--the ROTAMASS Total Insight.​

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Vortex Meters with Adaptive Noise Suppression and Spectral Signal Processing​

Interested in filtering noise from the signal for the most optimal flow measurement possible? Of course! On the Fifth Day of Tech we would like to share with you the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s Vortex meters with a hermetically sealed design, Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS) and Spectral Signal Processing (SSP).​


Noise caused by strong piping vibration can affect the accuracy of vortex frequency detection. In the past, some process conditions required manual adjustments to compensate for piping vibration noise.​

  • Analysis of the process allows true condition-based maintenance.​

  • ANS analyzes the incoming signals and adapts to the changing noise conditions to provide a clear flow signal, making it possible to block out most of the pipe vibration.​

  • SSP analyzes the vortex waveform in its spectral components to filter noise from the signal for the most optimal flow measurement possible.​

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SENCOM 4.0 Next Gen SMART Analyzer ​

Are you struggling with accuracy and performance in liquid process analyzer applications? We have the best gift for you. On the Fourth Day of Tech, we are sharing with you the Best in Industry knowledge of Yokogawa’s SENCOM 4.0 Next Gen SMART Analyzer and how this Next Generation technology  provides for an extended instrument lifetime, and reductions in maintenance and total cost of ownership.​


Process operators are often encountering problems integrating sensors and analyzers. Measurement, control and information management in a single digital, smart sensor system would be ideal.​

  • Yokogawa’s SENCOM SMART Sensor Platform is an innovative analyzer solution that optimizes maintenance, reduces configuration time, and simplifies in-field commissioning and calibration.​

  • Yokogawa is a recognized world leader for reliable liquid analytical equipment, providing accurate and repeatable solutions for maintaining and controlling even the most demanding process applications.​

  • SMART sensor instruments and solutions deliver enhanced value throughout the product lifecycle. ​

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Probe Type Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer​ Dual Laser TDLS8200

The best just got better! On the Third Day of Tech we would like to share with you the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s Dual Laser TDLS8200, a new probe type TDLS that greatly reduces installation costs while increasing reliability.​


Fired asset operators must often trade off criteria such as high reliability, combustion efficiency, safety, lifetimes of coils and coil hangers,  throughput and optimized heating. With near real-time O2 and CO/CH4 measurements. Yokogawa's probe-type TDLS enables processes to achieve all of these and more.​

  • The TDLS probe brings all the industry-leading combustion features into a single-flange explosion-proof device for measuring oxygen, CO, and methane.​

  • Whether it is used for oxygen trim control, CO monitoring, high combustible fuel runback control, or even a SIL2-rated startup permissive for methane, the TDLS Probe Type provides measurements for all these functions in a single device.

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Innovative Magmeter​ Technology

On this Second Day of Techmas we are sharing the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s innovative magmeters.


Some flow metering applications seem to be impossible. Adhesive fluids stick to sensors, slurries are noisy, the conductivity in some liquids is too low, high-accuracy, four-wire systems are expensive, and meters just don't last long in difficult applications.​

  • Yokogawa's innovatively engineered dual-frequency excitation technology combines high and low frequencies resulting in superior immunity to flow noise, rapid response times and unsurpassed stability with formidable accuracy.

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Advanced Analyzer Management​

Do you need to improve the performance of your on-line process analyzers? On this First Day of Tech, we are sharing the gift of discovering Yokogawa’s Advanced Analytical Instrument Management System (AAIMS), which provides real-time asset management for a wide range of analyzers.


Users often find it difficult to stay ahead of analyzer system maintenance. Manual operations are error-prone. Instruments have availability issues and fall out of compliance. There are communication gaps between operations and maintenance. The result: a lack of confidence in analyzer readings. ​

  • Using AAIMS, users will realize lower costs and a reduction in operation and maintenance hours.​

  • Data collection, validation, alarming and statistical analyses are automated.​

  • Template-based engineering minimizes deployment and training time.​

  • The improved maintenance efficiency, operator confidence and simplified interface create an environment where plant personnel see clearly and act with agility for successful asset management.  ​

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