Fiber Optic Sensor

Optical fiber sensing instruments measure the temperature distribution along a long-distance fiber-optic cable, with high accuracy and spatial resolution. The technology provides a novel approach to pipeline leak detection, fire detection, and km scale distributed temperature measurements in many industries.

  • The DTSX3000 is designed for Oil/Gas conventional and unconventional in-well applications, LNG and Refinery facilities, Pipeline and Tank leak detection, and other thermal monitoring applications.

  • DTSX200 is an easy-to-integrate optical fiber sensing system built on a process control platform.


A belt conveyor fire detection solution employing the DTSX distributed optical fiber temperature sensor can greatly reduce crises that can threaten a company's survival.


With industrial and economic development comes increasingly large and advanced power plants and factories. Nevertheless, we find many cases where the original cables, cable tunnels, and other components of the power infrastructure have languished under continuous operation.


Reactor/Furnace Wall Healthiness Monitoring with a Fiber Optical Temperature Sensor

Application Note

Temperature Monitoring Solution for 
Quick Detection of Fires in Fume Ducts

Application Note

Temperature Monitoring Solution for Maximum VSD Operating Efficiency



    In this webinar you will learn how temperature detection with DTS avoids loss of revenue. Leakage, accidents or malfunction means loss in production and thus loss of revenue. By detecting a fire or a system malfunction before major environmental damage occurs, the operator can significantly lower the risk profile to major environmental incidents. With DTS you can reduce risks and increase safety.

    After the webinar, attendees will leave with a basic understanding of DTS technology and where and how they can use DTS for their temperature solutions in different applications.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the applications and benefits of Distributed Temperature Sensor as alternative against tradition temperature measurement
    • Learn how you get a better temperature profile
    • DTS technology as proven way for temperature measurement

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