Distributed Temperature Sensor - Fire Detection/Fire Prevention -

Long-distance, Wide-range Temperature Monitoring Achieved by The DTSX Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensor

DTSX uses fiber optic sensor cable, and is capable of intelligently monitoring temperature distribution up to 50 km in the lengthways direction in real time. This helps achieve fire detection, fire prevention and preventive maintenance of equipment over a wide area which has up till now been difficult with thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors or radiation thermometers. DTSX supports the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) plus the maintenance of plants and the social infrastructure, and aids safe operation.

>Batch Temperature Monitoring OvBeverageer a Wide Area Achieved by The DTSX Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing System


  • Monitoring distance: to 50 km
  • Monitoring temperature: -200 to 300 °C
  • Shortest monitoring cycle: Approx. 5 seconds
  • Temperature resolution: 0.03°C 
  • Fire detection standard (EN 54-22) certification acquired (DTSX1)

* Each specification dependent on conditions


Immeasurable Economic and Social Loss Caused by Fire Accidents and Equipment Abnormality Kept to a Minimum

When a large-scale fire or equipment failure causes the production line to stop, damage is not limited to just customers' assets or loss of revenue opportunity but the supply chain also is affected. The economic and social loss at this time is immeasurable. DTSX can precisely identify abnormally hot locations as fiber optic sensor cable is installed along the length of the measurement target. This enables a quick initial response for safety, which ensures that operation of the plant and social infrastructure is maintained and that customers' assets and social credibility are protected.
For example, the following applications are possible.

  • Fire detection: Smart Monitoring of Manufacturing Process Shelves and Storage Shelves
    When stacking large numbers of lithium-ion batteries in manufacturing process shelves, in temperature cycling tests such as aging, and in storage shelves, is it possible to detect early on if thermal runaway of the batteries has occurred?
    The affect on the supply chain in the automobile industry is enormous when thermal runaway is discovered late and results in extensive damage. Using the fiber optic heat detector DTSX, however, not only achieves early discovery which has been difficult up till now by point sensors but also resolves issues such as longer work periods of installation, initial expenses and increased maintenance cost. This averts unexpected shutdowns and helps ensure stable operation.
Fire detection: Smart Monitoring of Manufacturing Process Shelves and Storage Shelves
  • Equipment maintenance: Conveyor rollers abnormality monitoring
    Fire caused by the failure of rollers on long-distance conveyor belts in vast mining plants is a major risk as it leads to unexpected shutdowns. For example, in large-scale mines, even a shutdown of just one hour results in production losses of about 500 thousand USD. The DTSX fiber optic distributed temperature sensing system achieves the constant remote monitoring of all conveyor rollers, something which has been difficult by manual inspection or point sensors. This averts unexpected shutdowns and helps ensure stable operation.

    For details on other applications, refer to the table below.

Equipment maintenance: Conveyor system safety monitoring

Solutions That Are Outstanding in Terms of CAPEX and OPEX

As the fiber optic cable of the DTSX system is the temperature sensor, all that needs to be done is to install the cable on site. There is no need for additional construction such as the installation of a supply power. The fiber optic sensor cable also will not break down as it has no mechanical elements. When monitoring temperature over a wide area, CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenses) is kept to a minimum in comparison with other temperature sensors, and fire prevention and maintenance costs are optimized.


Applications Matrix

Category Appli-
Fire detection/
Shelf X*1                         X*2
Conveyor   X X*3 X*3,4 X*4     X         X  
Cable X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Duct X*5   X*6               X*7 X*5    
  X X X         X          
Bus bar X   X X   X   X     X X    
  X X X X     X         X  
Blast furnace/
Air-heating furnace/
  X X         X         X  
      X*8   X*9 X*8              
Quality/ Productivity improvement Drying furnace/
Heat treating furnace/
X*10                 X*11 X*12 X*12    
Reactor           X                
Power line

IPP: Independent Power Producer

*1: Manufacturing Process Shelves and Storage Shelves
*2: Automatic warehouse shelf
*3: Coal conveyor
*4: Chip, biomass conveyor
*5: Metal fabricated dust collection duct
*6: Fume duct
*7: Exhaust gas duct of semiconductor cleaning system

*8: LNG pipeline
*9: Chlorine pipeline, ammonia pipeline, ethylene pipeline
*10: Electrode coating drying furnace
*11: Confectionery oven
*12: Parts heat treatment furnace
*13: Variable speed drive


Applications and Compatible Models

  • DTSX1 Fiber Optic Heat Detector

    DTSX1 stores the functions required for heat detection in one box. DTSX1 analyzes the temperature data with high accuracy by measuring with fiber optic sensor cable and perform high temperature heat detection.

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  • DTSX3000 Distributed Temperature Sensor

    The DTSX3000 is a distributed temperature sensor developed in response to the demand that “one unit be used to monitor temperature distribution a longer distance and a wider area”. A flagship model that meets the expectations for long-distance temperature measurement and high temperature resolution.

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  • DTSX200 Distributed Temperature Sensor

    The DTSX200 is a standard version that is ideal for temperature measurement, for medium-sized areas, and for areas where the distance of fiber optic sensor cables is short. It has excellent environmental resistance because it consumes less power and is less dependent on the temperature measurement environment.

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