With powerful machine learning functions, our analysis software suite supports drug discovery and provides researchers with advanced insights into high content analysis (HCA) experiments such as label-free cell imaging, 3D image analysis, and texture analysis. Equipped with label-free image analysis technology and digital phase contrast (DPC) technology, our analysis software extracts valuable data from images more efficiently and enables objective, quantitative assessments.

  • CellPathfinder

    CellPathfinder is designed for our HCA systems, CQ1 and the CellVoyager series. From beginners to experts, the analysis software lets you quantify subtle physiological changes and even label-free samples with various graph options.

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  • CellActivision

    CellActivision uses Machine Learning Technology and a unique digital filter to recognise cells or colonies directly from label free images. CellActivision can also classify and quantify these cells by the use of sample libraries which are easily prepared by the user.

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  • CellLibrarian

    CellLibrarian is a powerful solution to manage a volume of image data acquired by Yokogawa CellVoyager series.

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CellLibrarian is based on OMERO and Bio-Formats which are built by OME, and licensed and customized by Glencoe Software


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Recommended vendor for High Content Screening integration and automation solutions.



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Shanghai Genesci Medical technology Co.,Ltd.
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Tekon Biotech

Tekon Biotech
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Notes Applicatives
Vue générale:
  • Colony Formation
  • Scratch Wound
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Neurite Outgrowth
  • Co-culture Analysis
  • Cell Tracking
Vue générale:

We have been developing a prototype of a genomic drug test support system using our CSU confocal scanner. This system administers chemical compounds that serve as potential drug candidates into living cells, which are the most basic components of all living organisms, records the changes in the amount and localization of target molecules inside cells with the CSU confocal scanner and a highly sensitive CCD camera, and processes and quantifies the captured high-resolution image data.

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Rapports techniques
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