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Rapid-fire detection and downtime prevention of EV Li-ion battery production

An extinguishing system is ‘The last line of Defense’. Various forms of extinguishing do not give the desired result with a Li-Ion fire/thermal runaway. In addition, early precision detection is therefore also of crucial importance. Contamination to a pre-determined location/environment can then take place early so that the cause can be removed and the risk can be eliminated.

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Breaking with tradition: the classic automation pyramid

The NOA concept aims to make production data simply ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ for plant and asset monitoring and optimisation. The basis here is still the traditional automation structure, which is complemented by an additional second channel. Namely, the monitoring and optimisation (M+O) domain.

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“Sustainability Efforts Link Supply Chain” – worth reading article by Seán Ottewell

In the article “Sustainability Efforts Link Supply Chain”, the author Seán Ottewell uses the example of Yokogawa to cite the fact that “networking the actors along the supply chain is one of the most important initiatives” in the chemical industry.

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Maturity models in digital transformation – an interview with Dr. Violett Zeller

Many different questions pose major challenges for companies entering the digital transformation.  Maturity models can provide great support in answering them. But even later on, an examination of the status quo is essential in order to be able to adapt existing strategies to changing circumstances in an agile manner. We talked to Dr Violett Zeller, Chair of the VDI/VDE Digital Transformation Department, about what maturity models are all about and how companies can find the right model for them. Join us on our blog for this and other topics on digital transformation in the process industry.

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Good data – good money?

High #data quality is therefore not a cost driver. Rather, it represents a value that should compensate for the costs of providing it. It is therefore worth investing in good #dataquality. Because it will be indispensable on the path to industrial autonomy. #industrialautonomy

Read this and more in our article “Good data – good money?”:

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The future of Predictive Maintenance

When we discuss the increasingly hot topic of Industry 4.0, we tend to limit the focus to products and solutions, forgetting that this industrial revolution revolves around the human factor. The purpose of the digital transformation we are facing is not to remove people from the big picture, but to make their work easier. This is the starting point for this simple experiment, which we highlight in our new blog article “The future of Predictive Maintenance”:

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