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4 questions about an energy digital twin on real ways to improve business operation

Many companies are interested in the benefits a digital twin can bring to their business. The energy sector is no exception, as is the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. After all, it plays a pioneering role in the introduction of new technologies. That is why we have asked ourselves a few questions about digital twin technology in the energy sector. And precisely how its use can optimise costs and streamline your operations. Register with one click for the free live webinar “An Energy Digital Twin for the most efficient and cost-effective operation”, which will take place on Wednesday 16 September 2020 to see a live demonstration of Visual Mesa EMS and find out how it can work for you.

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Free release of the Covid-19 Icon for risk assessment to all Yokogawa RAP users

How do you ensure the safety of your employees in plants with high risk potential in times of Covid-19? We would like to thank our Yokogawa RAP customers.

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How to use Design Thinking for digitalisation processes

Clearly, a company has to be digital to be competitive and to maintain this state. However, some questions remain unanswered: To what extent should the digital transformation be implemented? Is it sufficient to take care of the internal infrastructure first? Or do we set ourselves equally ambitious goals, such as a smart factory? How do you realize the defined goals? Since most companies have little or no experience in this area, it often makes sense to get support from outside. One technique for finding a solution together is that of Design Thinking.

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Revealing the pathophysiology of COVID19 infections: Yokogawa supports COVID19 research at the Charité in Berlin

The COVID19 pandemic is negatively impacting the health of humans, societies and the economy around the world. Researchers are desperately trying to better understand the viral cause as well as progression of the disease seeking for better treatments and ultimately a vaccine. Yokogawa assumes its social responsibility and starts new scientific collaborations to support the world’s fight against COVID19.

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Autonomous robot surveillance: How can we make operators’ lives better?

Frequent and thorough monitoring takes up valuable time from operators and management. Robotics is the right way to improve efficiency. ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified robots will be the new benchmark for inspection and monitoring of hazardous areas.

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The top ten articles of the first half of 2020

If the year 2020 were a football match, it would be halftime long ago. Reason enough to look back on the first half of 2020. Because a lot has happened in the first half of the year – including, of course, on the chemicals and pharmaceuticals blog. Since the beginning of the year, the team of authors and experts has again researched and written about some exciting topics related to automation. The following ten articles have aroused the greatest interest of the readers in the past six months.

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