Predictive detection of cavitation

AI Analysis of “Pure PV” for Predictive Detection of Cavitation


  • Need to decrease pump speed to prevent cavitation
  • Preventing cavitation-related damage to pumps and piping
  • Tracking cavitation occurrence to estimate amount of erosion and plan maintenance



  • Use of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus for high-speed (100 msec) acquisition of process values (“Pure PV”)
  • Construction of AI-based cavitation machine learning model
  • Accurate predictive detection of cavitation using this model to evaluate data collected at an early stage



  • Maximization of pump operating efficiency for improved productivity and production quality
  • Optimization of maintenance interval by decreasing cavitation-related damage to facilities
  • Realization of predictive maintenance through the tracking of cavitation occurrence

Cavitation detection

Cavitation detection
Cavitation detection

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