Realtime OS-based Machine Controllers

e-RT3 Plus : Industrial AI platform

e-RT3 is a controller developed to be incorporated into various manufacturing equipment and production equipment. It has both PLC and board strengths.

embedded controllers strength

embedded controller e-RT3

General-purpose programming language

Programming can be performed in a general-purpose language such as Python, C, or C ++, enabling efficient development.

A wide selection of I/O modules

With a wide selection of I/O modules, you can easily reflect your program and application into the data acquisition and control level.

High environmental resistance

Hardware that can withstand temperatures from 0°C to 55°C and fan-less design provide high environmental worthiness. Installs in a wide range of environments from factories and plants to outdoor panels. 

Stable Supply

We've kept the basic design consistent year after year. By maintaining compatibility while adding enhancements, we've made sure you can use it with confidence in industrial applications with long life cycles.

  • e-RT3 Products

    With a wide selection of I/O modules, you can easily reflect your program and application into the data acquisition and control level.

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  • Temperature

    The module, occupying a single slot, monitors four channels of temperature inputs.
    As input conditions and other data that are needed for temperature monitoring are stored in the module, no parameter setup is required at system startup.

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General matters related to Safety and installation

Please refer to the following document.

Title No.
Hardwere Manual IM 34M06C11-01E

Standard compliant products

Please refer to the following document.

Title No.
Standard compliant products GS 34M06C11-21E

e-RT3 Manufacturer's warranty

This is to explain the manufacturer’s warranty by Yokogawa Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Yokogawa Electric") for its e-RT3 products (“Warranty”). Please note that the warranty for the e-RT3 products you purchased may differ from this Warranty. For more details of the warranty specifically applying to you and conditions of use, etc., please consult with Yokogawa Electric Sales Representative or authorized sales representative.

1. Application

1.1 Warranty

This Warranty applies to the e-RT3 hardware products (standard hardware products and custom hardware products), including modules, cables connectors and terminals, manufactured and sold by Yokogawa Electric.
The term "standard hardware product" refers to a product that is identified as manufactured by Yokogawa Electric and specified in its brochures or its General Specifications ("GS") provided by Yokogawa Electric.
The term "custom hardware product" refers to a hardware product that is manufactured by Yokogawa Electric based on the functional specifications created through agreement between the customer and Yokogawa Electric and that is identified by the Yokogawa Electric trademark labeled on it.

1.2 No Warranty

This Warranty shall in no event apply to the accessories for the above-mentioned e-RT3 hardware products.
Further, this Warranty shall in no event apply to the Yokogawa products which were modified, fixed, repaired or adjusted, or with a part replaced by any entity other than Yokogawa Electric representatives or service providers authorized by Yokogawa Electric.
Please also note that this Warranty is subject to the conditions as set forth in Section 4 below.

2. Standard Hardware Product Warranty

2.1 Warranty Period

Yokogawa Electric warrants the standard hardware products for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery to the location specified by the customer, or eighteen (18) months from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.
The date of manufacture of e-RT3 is identified by the date of manufacture (DATE) described on the label.
Provided, the standard hardware products manufactured in or before November 2001 are identified by the serial number (NO.) as shown below.

Example: For Serial No. H0J230045

First letter (H) Manufacturing plant code
Next letter (0) Manufacturing year code (The last digit of the year)
Next letter (J) Manufacturing month code (A=Jan, B=Feb, ..., H=Aug, J=Sep, ..., M=Dec, with "I" unused)
Next two letters (23) Manufacturing date code (1 to 31)
Remaining letters Manufacturing data

Serial No. H0J230045 indicates that the product was manufactured in Plant H on September 23, 2000.

2.2 Warranty Coverage

If a failure attributable to Yokogawa Electric occurs during the warranty period, Yokogawa Electric will replace the product at no charge in accordance with Section 2.3 below.
The customer, however, shall be charged for the service even within the warranty period for the following cases:
(1) When the manufacturing information such as serial No. cannot be identified due to a missing or defaced label.
(2) Failures caused by improper handling or misuse of the product by the customer or anyone other than Yokogawa Electric.
(3) When the product is handled, stored or used under an environment (for example, exposed to condensation) that does not conform to the design specifications and installation conditions specified in the user's manual.
(4) Failures caused by fire, flood, storm, earthquake, lightning or other natural disaster, smoke, gas or other pollution, abnormal voltage, or other force majeure events.
(5) Failures caused by use of power supply that is not specified by Yokogawa Electric, other equipment connected to the product, or other external causes.
(6) Failures due to normal wear and tear of parts or consumables (cables, connectors, EEPROM: memory device with overwrite life, and contractor relay, etc).
(7) Other failures not attributable to Yokogawa Electric.

2.3 What to Do During Warranty Period

If a failure attributable to Yokogawa Electric occurs during the warranty period and a warranty claim is received in an expeditious manner, Yokogawa Electric will perform the following:
(1) Please contact the Yokogawa Electric Sales Representative or reseller where you purchased the product, providing the failed product along with the conditions related to the failure and probable cause of the failure. Yokogawa Electric will replace the product at no charge. In this event, be sure to return the failed product to Yokogawa Electric. In this case, the warranty period of the replacement product that has been replaced with the failed product shall be the same as that of the failed product before it was returned.
(2) In principle, no failure cause investigation or investigation report will be provided. If a special request for such investigation and report is made by the customer, it will be separately determined including the feasibility. The cost of the cause investigation and other required actions, if conducted according to the customer's request, shall be charged to the customer.
(3) If the claimed product proves non-defective, or the failure proves attributable to the customer, the cost of repair or other required operations shall be charged to the customer.

2.4 Equipment Manufactured by Third-Party Manufacturer

For equipment manufactured by a manufacturer other than Yokogawa Electric, the conditions of the warranty period and coverage specified by that manufacturer or provider of the equipment shall be applied, regardless of the descriptions in this document.

3. Custom Hardware Product Warranty

The same warranty conditions as those for the standard hardware products shall be applied to the custom hardware products, provided, this warranty may be subject to the condition that the customer purchases spare articles for warranty services.

4. Cautions on Using Products

(1) For the purpose of protection and safety of Yokogawa Electric products and the systems controlled with Yokogawa Electric products, make sure to obtain the user's manual provided separately by Yokogawa Electric (for purchase) and conform to the safety-related instructions and other cautions in handling Yokogawa Electric products. Failure to conform to those instructions and cautions may impair the functions such as protective functions of the Yokogawa Electric products. In this case, Yokogawa Electric does not warrant the quality, performance, functions or safety of the corresponding Yokogawa products.
(2) The customer is responsible for proper planning, preparation and implementation of independent processes, such as the development of a system using equipment provided by any party other than Yokogawa Electric, when installing a protection/safety circuit such as a lightening protection system for equipment for Yokogawa Electric products and control systems, or when establishing and applying foolproof design, failsafe design and other protection/safety circuits for the processes and production lines that use Yokogawa Electric products and control systems.
(3) Ensure that a part or consumable of Yokogawa Electric products is replaced with a part designated by Yokogawa Electric.
(4) None of the Yokogawa Electric products are intended for use in the operation of nuclear-related equipment, railway facilities, aircraft navigation or communication equipment, marine equipment, air traffic control facilities, medical equipment or for any other uses where the failure of the products could lead to death, personal injury, or severe health damage. To apply any of the products to equipment or system directly affecting human safety, the customer shall take responsibility to establish a system to assure safety without using equipment or systems provided by Yokogawa Electric.

Important Notice

Date Product Remarks
2022/12/16 F3CU04/F3CX04 Nonconformance fixed: Request for firmware update




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