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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Gas Analyzers

Yokogawa environmental and gas analyzer lineup includes Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers, oxygen analyzers, infrared gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, dust monitors, process gas chromatographs, gas density analyzers and clean room gas monitors.

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Apr. 28, 2014   Programmed Temperature Oven for GC8000 released

Tunable Diode laser Analyzers

The TDLS200 TruePeak tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzer is capable of measuring a number of near-infrared absorbing gases in harsh process environments. Able to make measurements under very challenging high temperature and pressure conditions as well as environments containing many corrosive, aggressive, and high particulate content materials, the TruePeak analyzer is one of the most robust process analyzers available. Analysis in most applications can be conducted in-situ, reducing installation and maintenance costs. In addition, the TDLS200's ability to perform rapid (5 seconds) and interference free measurements makes it one of the fastest and most accurate process analyzers on the market.

Oxygen Analyzers

The lineup of oxygen analyzers includes ZR Series zirconia oxygen analyzers and AV550G Averaging Converter for boiler combustion control;  MG8G and MG8E paramagnetic oxygen analyzers for oxygen measurement in flammable gas mixtures at heating furnaces, naphtha cracking furnaces, and cogeneration plants; and OX100 and OX102 current limit type oxygen analyzers for environmental monitoring at reflow furnaces and globe boxes.

The lineup of humidity analyzers include the ZR202G and ZR402G zirconia high temperature humidity analyzers for dryers and humidifiers in various industries.

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Process Gas Chromatograph

The GC8000 has a built-in 12-inch color touchscreen display that dramatically simplifies maintenance. At the touch of the screen, the technician can access all of the analytical parameters and measurement results; displayed in easy-to-understand graphical color screens.

Infrared Gas Analyzers

The lineup of infrared gas analyzers includes the IR100 and IR200 infrared gas analyzers that use the single beam system for gas concentration measurements in exhaust gases at waste incinerators and boilers and at various industrial furnaces; IR400 Infrared Gas Analyzer that uses the double beam system; and SG700 Stack Gas Analyzer.

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GD402 Gas Density/Hydrogen Purity Analyzers

The GD402 process gas density analyzer is based on the principle that the resonance frequency of a thin-film cylindrical vessel varies with the density of ambient gas. It can measure the density of all gases, with the exception of corrosive gases, at utility gas plants and oil refineries.

Based on the correlation between the gas density and the calorific value, the GD402 can be used for continuous measurement of the caloric value of gas , and can also be used as a hydrogen purity analyzer for a cooling system for a turbine generation, a replacement analyzer, and hydrogen purity/replacement analyzer. The GD40 detector is intrinsically safe and explosionproof and so it can be installed in hazardous areas.

CM6G Gas calorimeter

The CM6G Gas Calorimeter is used to measure and control the calorific value or Wobbe Index (WI) of the sample gas. In this calorimeter the sample gas is burnt at the burner with air and the temperature difference between the combustion exhaust gas and the feed air at the burner inlet is detected by using a thermocouple. It can be used for the control of thermal input for the various type furnaces in the steel mill and petrochemical industries, also for the calorie control of the town gas.

* This product is not available in Europe.

DT450G Dust Monitor

The DT450G measures solid particles in gas using the triboelectric method. The integral design allows easy installation. The DT450 can measure directly at a process temperature of up to 250 °C and features one-touch automatic range setup in response to process conditions. Also it incorporates an automatic drift compensation function, allowing long maintenance-free operation.

The DT450G is used for detection of bag filter breakage and check of the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators

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SG750 Stack Gas Analyzer

The SG750 Stack Gas Analyzer consists of an non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer using a highly sensitive and stable double beam system and a zirconia or paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and simultaneously measures up to 5 components: NOx, SO2, CO2, CO and O2.

The use of interference compensation in the analyzing section virtually eliminates the effect of interference from other components. The SG750 features many functions including autocalibration, conversion to O2-based values, averaging, high/low alarms, etc. It is used for measuring and monitoring emissions from various boilers and waste incinerators.