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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Gas Analyzers

Yokogawa environmental and gas analyzer lineup includes Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers, oxygen analyzers, infrared gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, dust monitors, process gas chromatographs, gas density analyzers and clean room gas monitors.

What's New

Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers
TruePeak tunable diode laser analyzer (TDLS Series) is capable of measuring a number of near-infrared absorbing gases in harsh process environments.

Oxygen Analyzers
The oxygen analyzers are useful for boiler combustion control; oxygen measurement in flammable gas mixtures; environmental monitoring at reflow furnaces and globe boxes; and dryers and humidifiers in various industries.
Process Gas Chromatographs
Yokogawa has a long history of supplying process gas chromatographs to the oil & gas, refining and petrochemical industries around the world and have continued to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the process industry.
Infrared Gas Analyzers
The infrared gas analyzers are useful for gas concentration measurements in exhaust gases at waste incinerators and boilers and at various industrial furnaces.

Gas Density Analyzers
This process gas density can measure the density of all gases with the exception of corrosive gases. It can also be used as a hydrogen purity analyzer for a cooling system, a replacement analyzer, and hydrogen purity/replacement analyzer.
Gas Calorimeters
The Gas Calorimeter can be used for the control of thermal input for the various type furnaces in the steel mill and petrochemical industries, also for the calorie control of the town gas.
* This product is not available in Europe.

Dust Monitors
Yokogawa's dust monitor can measure directly at a process temperature of up to 250°C and features one-touch automatic range setup in response to process conditions and long maintenance-free operation is made possible.
Stack Gas Analyzers
The Stack Gas Analyzer features many functions; autocalibration, conversion to O2 -based values, averaging, and high/low alarms. It's used for measuring and monitoring emissions from various types of boilers and waste incinerators.