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GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph

Model GC8000
Process Gas Chromatograph

Product Information

Process Gas Chromatograph GC8000

The GC8000 has a built-in 12-inch color touchscreen display that dramatically simplifies maintenance. At the touch of the screen, the technician can access all of the analytical parameters and measurement results; displayed in easy-to-understand graphical color screens.

The GC8000 also brings a number of important innovations in its gas chromatograph analytical capabilities. For the first time, parallel chromatography is made practical with the introduction of the GC Module (GCM) concept. By setting up virtual GCs within a single analyzer, all chromatograph settings, displays, and data are truly segregated for easy understanding and maintenance. There are even built-in graphical overview screens showing each of the individual GC Modules.

The GC8000 uses the same proven analytical hardware found in our previous model of GC; recognized for its reliable and precise performance. But with the GC8000, the analytical possibilities are greatly expanded through the multiple oven capability of the analyzer.

The communications network of the GC8000 is based on the industry standard Ethernet structure to provide flexible yet secure transmission of data to GC maintenance workstations and the plant DCS system. The GC8000 can be set up for either a single Ethernet network or a redundant network with two completely isolated Ethernet networks if desired.

   Bulletin for GC8000 
   Installation Manual for GC8000


* High-speed analysis with multi-oven structure
* Improved operation with a large touch panel
* High reliability
* Improved functionality


Measurable object Gas or volatile liquid (400℃ or lower boiling point)
Analysis method Gas chromatography
Measurable range Depends on analysis conditions
TCD      : 1 ppm to 100%
FID       : 1 ppm to 100%
FID (with methanizer): 1 ppm to 0.1%
FPD      : 1 ppm to 0.1%
Number of components to be measured Maximum of 999 (total number of components in all streams including calibration standard sample streams)
Analysis period Maximum of 21600.0 seconds (six hours)
Number of streams to be measured Maximum of 31 (including standard sample streams)
Material of sample-contact parts RV: 316SS, Hastelloy-C, Rulon, PTFE (Teflon, Bearee)
LSV: 316SS, Hastelloy-C, Rulon, Glass, PTFE (Teflon, Bearee), Fluororubber (Viton), perfloroelastomer (Kalrez)
Repeatability Depends on analysis conditions
Gas sample: ±1% of full scale for measuring ranges (2σ)
Liquid sample: ±2% of full scale for measuring ranges (2σ)
* The value may vary depending on the specifications and conditions. For details, contact Yokogawa.

Analyzer specifications

Type of protection Pressurized enclosure and flameproof enclosure
Area classification FM and CSA
Type X Pressurization and Explosionproof for Class I, Division 1,Groups B, C and D. T1 to T4
Type X and Y Pressurization for Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D. T1 to T4
ATEX:  II2G Ex d px IIB+H2 T1...T4 Gb
IECEx:  Ex d px IIB+H2 T1...T4 Gb
TIIS:     Ex pd IIB+H2 T1 ~ T4
NEPSI:   Ex d px IIb+H2 T1 ~ T4 Gb
Protection degree of enclosure NEMA3R, Equivalent to IP54 (dust and water resistant structure)
Operating ambient
-10 to 50℃(depends on analysis conditions),
95% RH or less (no condensation)
  Wall-mounting version Self-standing version
Type 1  approx. 100 kg   approx. 140 kg 
Type 2 approx. 155 kg approx. 190 kg
Type 3 approx. 200 kg approx. 220 kg
Type 4 approx. 140 kg approx. 170 kg
Isothermal Oven / Programmed Temperature Oven
Volume Large isothermal oven: Approximately 45 L
Standard isothermal oven: Approximately 31 L
Programmed Temperature Oven: Approximately 11 L
Setting temperature
55 to 225℃ (Temperature can be set in one-degree step.)
5 to 320℃ (Programmed Temperature Oven with cooler)
Temperature stability ± 0.03℃*
Temperature control PID control
Analog Input/Output Maximum of 16/Maximum of 32
Contact Input/Output Maximum of 32/Maximum of 20
PC communication Ethernet communication
DCS communication RS-422
Protocol: MODBUS, Y-Protocol
Ethernet communication
Protocol: Modbus TCP/IP
* Reference value


Power supply Type 1, 2, 3:
100/110/115/120/200/220/230/240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±5%
Type 4:
200/220/230/240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±5%
Maximum rated power Type 1: 0.8 to 1.6 kVA
Type 2: 1.4 to 2.9 kVA
Type 3: 2.0 to 4.3 kVA
Type 4: 1.7 to 3.7 kVA
Instrument air Pressure:
350 to 900kPa, 500 to 900 kPa (Type1, 2 with FPD or Type4 with cooler)
   Type 1:                 140 L/min
      Type1 with FPD: 440 L/min
   Type 2:                 210 L/min
      Type2 with FPD: 510 L/min
   Type 3:                  280 L/min
   Type 4:                  210 to 600 L/min or more (Depend on the specification)
Carrier gas
Types: H2, N2, He, or Ar
   Measuring range from 0 to 50 ppm or more:
  99.99% minimum (water: 10 ppm or less, organic components: 5 ppm or less)
   Measuring range from 0 to less than 50 ppm:
  99.999% minimum (water: 5 ppm or less, organic components: 0.1 ppm or less)
Pressure: H2: 500 kPa (72.5 psi) (Supplied with extra-regulator for explosion-proof certification)
Other than H2: 400 to 700 kPa
Consumption: 60 to 300 mL/min per isothermal oven