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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Process Gas Chromatographs

Yokogawa has a long history of supplying process gas chromatographs to the oil & gas, refining and petrochemical industries around the world. Since their first GC shipped in 1959, Yokogawa has been committed to providing reliable and precise process analytical solutions. Over the past 50 years, the GC products of Yokogawa have continued to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the process industry.

Process Gas Chromatographs


The GC8000 has a built-in 12-inch color touchscreen display that dramatically simplifies maintenance. At the touch of the screen, the technician can access all of the analytical parameters and measurement results; displayed in easy-to-understand graphical color screens.

The GC8000 also brings a number of important innovations in its gas chromatograph analytical capabilities. For the first time, parallel chromatography is made practical with the introduction of the GC Module (GCM) concept. By setting up virtual GCs within a single analyzer, all chromatograph settings, displays, and data are truly segregated for easy understanding and maintenance. There are even built-in graphical overview screens showing each of the individual GC Modules.

Process Gas Chromatographs

The GC1000 is widely used in the petrochemical, oil refining, metal refining, inorganic chemical, and other industries. A single oven type (isothermal oven type) and a dual oven type (programmed temperature oven type) are available. The dual oven type has a programmed temperature oven as well as an isothermal oven, and uses capillary columns for high resolution analysis. The GC1000 is capable of analyzing samples with a wide range of boiling points.

The GC1000 uses valves with a longer service life, ensuring excellent maintainability, and its high-sensitivity detectors have a proven design. Through the communications technologies that it has cultivated in the DCS field, Yokogawa is able to offer the industry's most advanced gas chromatograph, suitable for the open architecture networks of the future.