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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Liquid Analyzers

pH/ORP Analyzers

The new FLXA202 is the module type 2-wire analyzer that can be flexibly configured to measure pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity, or dissolved oxygen. The lineup of FLEXA Series are FLXA202, FLXA21.
pH/ORP Analyzers
The lineup of pH/ORP (redox) analyzers are 4-Wire and 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzers. The extensive lineup includes standard Ryton pH/ORP sensors and specialty sensors for various applications. Various sensor holders are also available.
Conductivity Analyzers
The lineup of conductivity analyzers include 4-Wire and 2-Wire Conductivity/Resistivity Analyzers. And also the lineup of stain-resistant, inductive conductivity analyzers include 4-Wire and 2-Wire Analyzers.
Near Infrared Analyzers
This FT-NIR analyzer offers unparalleled reliability and stability for a wide range of process and laboratory applications. It has high wavelength resolution, outstanding accuracy and wide scanning range.
Turbidity Analyzers
The lineup of turbidity analyzers includes the right angle scattered light turbidity analyzer and the surface scattering light turbidity analyzer. It mainly measures the turbidity in finished water and water used in general processes.
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
The dissolved oxygen analyzers give accurate measurement and have built-in compensation for factors that can influence oxygen levels including temperature, barometric pressure and salinity levels.
Chlorine Analyzers
Chlorination is employed in most water treatment processes. YOKOGAWA's  residual and free chlorine analyzers are high performance and accuracy.
Liquid Density Analyzers
This analyzer, with one-touch calibration, self diagnosis and digital output, measures liquid density of general process liquids with high sensitivity and excellent stability. It is unaffected by flow rate and viscosity.
MLSS Analyzers
The MLSS Analyzer measures the concentration continuously and consistently of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) in an activated-sludge treatment process. It has a wealth of self-diagnostic functions and alarm contact outputs.