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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Liquid Analyzers

Yokogawa Liquid Analyzer lineup includes pH/ORP analyzers/sensors, conductivity analyzers/sensors, near infrared analyzers, turbidity analyzers, dissolved oxygen analyzers and chlorine analyzers.

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Sep. 08, 2014   FAQ "SENCOM® sensor" published
Jul. 18, 2014   New Product : FU24F SENCOM® sensor
Jun. 30, 2014   Product Portal Membership Site Launched
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pH/ORP Analyzers

The lineup of pH/ORP (redox) analyzers includes the PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer, the FLXA21, and the PH202 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzers. The extensive lineup of standard Ryton pH/ORP sensors and specialty sensors for various applications. Various sensor holders are also available.

The extensive lineup of sensors for pH and ORP (redox) measurement includes the PH8EFP, PH8ERP, OR8EFG, and OR8ERG standard Ryton pH/ORP sensors; the PH8EHP pH sensor for high purity water in boilers and semiconductor processes; and specialty pH sensors for various applications.

→ Selection Guide for pH/ORP Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzers

The lineup of conductivity analyzers includes the SC450G 4-Wire Conductivity/Resistivity Analyzer, the FLXA21, and the SC202 2-Wire Conductivity/Resistivity Analyzers.
The lineup of stain-resistant, inductive conductivity analyzers includes the ISC202 and the ISC450G.

→ Selection Guide for Conductivity Analyzer

Near Infrared Analyzers

The NR800 is an FT-NIR analyzer offering unparalleled reliability and stability for a wide range of process and laboratory applications. Its high wavelength resolution, outstanding accuracy and wide scanning range deliver a new level of process information, opening up new possibilities.

Turbidity Analyzers

The lineup of turbidity analyzers including the TB750G right angle scattered light turbidity analyzer, and the TB400G surface scattering light turbidity analyzer for the measurement of turbidity in water.

The turbidity analyzers are mainly used for the measurement of turbidity in finished water and water used in general processes.

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

The DO402G, FLXA21, DO202 dissolved oxygen analyzers give accurate measurement and have built-in compensation for factors that can influence oxygen levels including temperature, barometric pressure and salinity levels. Optical(for DO402G), galvanic and polaro-graphic sensors can be accepted.

The DO202 is designed for both ppm and ppb dissolved oxygen measurements, suitable for both Pharmaceutical and Power Generation applications. HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus versions are available.

Chlorine Analyzers

Chlorination is employed in most water treatment processes to remove metallic ions and biological contaminants, and to suppress subsequent growth of bacteria and other biota.

The RC400G and the FC400G residual and free chlorine analyzers are high performance and accuracy systems with a microprocessor incorporated and are mainly used for the measurement of residual and free chlorine in water.

Liquid Density Analyzers

The DM8 is a vibration type liquid density analyzer and its converter incorporates a microprocessor to directly convert frequency signals from the sensor into density values and display them and is provided with a variety of functions such as one-touch calibration, self diagnosis, digital output.

The DM8 liquid density analyzer measures liquid density of general process liquids with high sensitivity and excellent stability. It has a measuring density range of 0 to 2.0 g/cm3, and unaffected by flow rate and viscosity. Besides general-purpose sensor, sanitary and explosionproof sensor are also available.

MLSS Analyzers

The SS400 MLSS Analyzer is a measuring system best suited to continuously and consistently measure the concentration of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) in an activated-sludge treatment process found in sewage or industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

The SS400G MLSS Analyzer has a measuring range as wide as 500 to 20000 mg/l (ppm). Microprocessor-based, it has a wealth of self-diagnostic functions and alarm contact outputs like other converters in the EXA series, as well as excellent operability.

The SS300G MLSS sensor uses a measuring method that compares transmitted light with scattered light. The sensor is designed with due care to the arrangement of the optical system. These design makes the sensor less susceptible to disturbing light.