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Near Infrared Analyzers

The NR800 is an FT-NIR analyzer offering unparalleled reliability and stability for a wide range of process and laboratory applications. Its high wavelength resolution, outstanding accuracy and wide scanning range deliver a new level of process information, opening up new possibilities.

Near Infrared Analyzers

NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer

The NR800 Near Infrared Analyzer achieves high-resolution, high S/N ratio, and wide wavelength scanning range measurement with its newly developed interferometer and detector.

The NR800 allows online, real-time, continuous, multiple, and simultaneous measurement for properties and component concentration of various processes.

NR801EL Near Infrared Analyzer (At-line model)

The NR801EL Near Infrared Analyzer is the at-line model of the NR800 series FT-NIR analyzer. It employs exactly the same hardware in the heart of the system (interferometer and detector) as the NR800 process model.

Direct model transfer to/from the NR800 series including process model is another key feature. This model transfer capability will drastically cut down model implementation time and cost at project stage while it provides more flexible and efficient model upgrade during routine operation.