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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Control Network Vnet/IP


Use the Latest Information Technology

Vnet/IP is able to use the latest general-purpose communications equipment.

  • For each application, customers have a variety of network devices to choose from:
    • Optical transmission units for ultra-long distances, explosion-proof adapters, etc.
    • Bus repeaters from Yokogawa and other vendors
  • The use of commercial-off-the-shelf network devices can reduce costs.
  • Greater flexibility in network design is assured.

Highly Reliable Real-time Communications

The high reliability and real-time speed required for control system communications.

  • Incorporation of field-proven V net functions
  • Redundant configuration and quick bus switching
  • Close connection with V net via V net routers

Integration of Non-CENTUM Components

With its ability to handle both general-purpose and control communications data, Vnet/IP provides a suitable platform for the integration of network communications.

  • Connection with non-CENTUM components

Improved Communication Performance

Thanks to the improved throughput made possible by the use of Ethernet communications, the number of stations that can be connected in a single domain is no longer restricted.

  • The use of master coefficients has been eliminated.
  • There is no limit to the number of HIS units that can be connected.
  • Systems are using ever greater numbers of HMI units, with some systems now reporting 16 units or more. With Vnet/IP, there is no need to divide a domain to accommodate more HIS units.

Collection of Detailed Network Status Information

  • With Vnet/IP systems, detailed network status information can be obtained even without the use of special tools. If a network failure occurs, customers have access to all the detailed information they need to significantly reduce the length of a plant shutdown.

Station Status Window

  • Displays changes in the network configuration
  • Using this feature, it is now easier to locate failures.


Domain Status Window

  • Displays status information on communications between domains