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Yokogawa Electric Corporation






Transmitter / Flowmeter Adjustment and Configuration Tool

Product Information

FieldMate is a tool for adjusting and configuring transmitters, flowmeters, and other field devices.

FieldMate Image Photo

FieldMate usage example

FieldMate provides the solution to match the needs of a client for effective utilization of manufacturing equipment and long term stable operation.


  • Support the Universal communication protocols (FOUNDATION fieldbus, BRAIN, HART®, Profibus, ISA100, Modbus) and FDT technology.
  • Support tablet PCs for excellent portability.
  • Enables centralized management of device-related information including note, photos, and videos.
  • Generate the device reports automatically saving the time and effort for reporting.

FieldMate free trial version is available for your evaluation.

The free trial version gives you full access to all adjustment and configuration functions with no expiration date.Definitely give it a try.