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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Enhance Business Agility

Real-time Production Organizer™

Real-time Production Organizer™ (RPO) is a suite of platform applications developed specifically to bridge the gap between production planning and process control, providing a fully integrated business to process (B2P) production environment. RPO integrates the vertical production execution workflow across all departmental personnel and applications, enabling real-time decision making and allowing all tasks to be executed quickly, consistently, and efficiently for agile production.

Real-time Production Organizer™ Platform Application

Business workflow standardization using Workflow Composer VP™
Production schedule coordination using Production Coordinator VP™
Task execution assistance using Production Instructor VP™
Performance monitoring and analysis using Production Supervisor VP™
On-demand production tracking using Production Tracker VP™


Rapid response to production dynamics based on "advisory live information"
Feed switching
Market demand
Environmental compliance

Optimized production scheduling based on actual plant constraints and conditions
Operational Equipment Effectiveness
Quality (e.g. give-away, reprocessing)
Capitalize on production capability gaps

Knowledge capture for operational guidance in skill-depleted environments
Unfamiliar or infrequent tasks
Complex operations
Managing best practices

Business driven production control through operational KPI alarming
Management by exception
Proactive production management
Root-cause drill down

Maximized return on assets
Efficient change-over cycles
Optimum uptime
Minimize operational losses

ARC White Paper

Real-time Production Organizer: Yokogawa's New Approach to Production Management

Yokogawa has taken a huge step forward by developing Real-time Production Organizer™, a production and operations management solution that is seamlessly integrated with its automation system, but also has the ability to stand alone on top of other vendors' automation systems through the incorporation of standards-based technologies and work processes.

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