Fieldbus DD/CF file - YVP110 Advanced Valve Positioner (Discontinued Products)

Product DD file name

YVP110 Advanced Valve Positioner
(Discontinued Products)
  • 0201.ffo, 0201.sym, 020103.cff
  • 0306.ffo, 0306.sym, 030107.cff
  • 0401.ffo, 0401.sym, 040102.cff
  • 0501.ffo, 0501.sym, 050101.cff


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Prodotti e Soluzioni Correlati

  • YVP110

    The YVP110 Advanced Valve Positioner accepts digital communication to control a pneumatic actuator mounted to a control valve. It communicates using the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocol.

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  • Field Instruments

    A group of products that measure pressure, flow rate, temperature, and level, all of which are essential factors in plant operations. High-performance sensors ensure stable and high-precision performance under any circumstances.

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