I'm using it in North America, but the time is 1 hour off.

As a result of the Energy Policy Act that was enacted in the US and Canada in 2007, the daylight savings time ("Summer time") period was changed. This means that before and after January 1, 2007, the time will differ by 1 hour for 4 weeks during the year (the last three weeks of March, and the first week of November). However, internal to Windows, since the implementation period prior to 2007 cannot coexist with that of post-2006, the time during these 4 weeks is handled as follows.

  • On Windows Vista, even if the DAQWORX data is earlier than 2007, it is displayed based on the post-2006 implementation period.
  • Under standard conditions on Windows 2000/XP, all data is displayed based on the pre-2007 implementation period, and if an update program is applied, all data is displayed based on the post-2006 implementation period.
    For example, if you display data recorded by DAQWORX around the end of March 2005 by using DAQWORX on Windows Vista, even during "Winter time," it is handled as "Summer time" and the time is displayed as 1 hour earlier.

This is only true if the PC's time zone is set to US or Canada. Note that these time changes don't apply in Mexico, therefore if you have been using a US time zone from within Mexico, you must switch to the Mexican time zone.


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    DAQWORX is the previous generation data logging software compatible with most Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and measuring instruments. 

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