Quality of Life, People and Work

We believe in fostering quality of life, people and work.

Long-term Investment
At Yokogawa we consider our employees critical to our success and for this reason we believe in long-term investment in our talent. Many of Yokogawa’s employees are long-serving and for good reason. We work with our employees in further development of their career and provide diverse opportunities and challenges within our global organization. The atmosphere within Yokogawa is greatly appreciated by our employees because we know there is more to life than just work. A healthy work-life balance contributes to achieving the best performance from our people and thereby meeting our quality standards.

Build A Solid Foundation
Acquiring new talent is crucial for Yokogawa. A good balance between age, culture and background is also important, knowing that diversity makes us richer. We aim to recruit new talent who dare to bring change to our organization with a new view and refreshing approach. Young professionals can build a solid foundation at Yokogawa. This does not happen overnight, but with time and determination invested, we drive to our successes together. There is so much to do at Yokogawa!

Quality with integrity
We are modest in our communication to the outside world. We are aiming to be more visible. We are innovative. We deliver high-quality solutions. But always with integrity. This is who we are. No false promises and no fake people. We are real. Our biggest compliment as an employer is that we have a family-oriented culture. In a global company with close to 18.000 colleagues all over the world. This makes us truly special.

Your contribution to Yokogawa also makes an impact on environmental sustainability. Yokogawa actively engages in green management practices and develops technologies that save energy and conserve resources. Making the world a better place can only be done if we keep on making our company a great place to work. It’s not for everybody, but if you want to add value through a challenging career in industrial automation, Yokogawa is the place to be. We foster the quality of our work, employees and life. Together we co-create your career.

Working at Yokogawa
Let’s co-innovate your tomorrow.