Supervising and Controlling Water Flow to Prevent Fluid Loss and Disaster


Supervising and control water flow over the geographically distributed area is important to prevent fluid loss and disaster for fiscal and safety reasons. However remote locations are difficult to monitor due to the lack of social infrastructure such as power or network. Yokogawa's low power solution offers the best performance for control and monitoring variety of water applications.

The water stream all the way to the end

Customer Benefits

  • Minimize Installation Costs
  • Reduce Running Costs
  • Save Maintenence Costs


Minimize Installation Costs

Solar batteries and panels dominate the installation cost. Yokogawa's low power solution is bestpractive for solar battery systems, even thriving under extreme ambient temperatures, from -40 deg C to 70 deg C. It's super low power enables solar panel and battery size to be kept to a minimum and it is adequate for a wide range of power to handle unstable power sources. Furthermore, even if the solar power drops out of this range, FCN-RTU can detect it.

Reduce Running Costs

Running costs for monitoring and maintaining remote utilities can't be overlooked. DNP3 embedded in FCN-RTU contributes to the reduction of running costs by sending site information using the least amount of packets over mobile networks. Also the number of site visits required to recalibrate transmitters is reduced thanks to Yokogawa's uniquesilicon realizes sensor technology which realizes high measurement accuracy and long stability.

Save Maintenance Costs

Usability is non-negotiable for maintenance at site. Basic transmitter settings do not require a PC but can be done on the transmitters and the modification of applications on FCN-RTU requiring engineering knowledge can be done from a central location without interrupting control.

One battery solution

One battery solution



  • Water & Wastewater

    Water resources are finite, and therefore contributing to a sustainable water cycle is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yokogawa has been providing advanced digital control solutions for the stable supply of clean and safe water, wastewater treatment for protecting the water environment, water loss management and optimization of plant operation for reducing CO2 emissions and running costs. With our leading-edge technologies, dependable products and extensive expertise and experience of diverse water projects around the world, we work with you to provide sustainable water solutions that boost your business and add value throughout the plant lifecycle.

    Yokogawa supports a wide range of water control applications in both the municipal and industrial water markets.



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  • Water Distribution

    One critical issue for a water distribution network is water leakage from the piping. Yokogawa provides water loss management solutions based on the International Water Association (IWA) methodology to minimize losses from the network to reduce non-revenue water.


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  • Water Pipeline

    Water pipelines play an important role by transporting water from water sources, particularly in dry areas undergoing rapid industrialization and population growth. Yokogawa provides pipeline control solutions over distances as long as 600 km.

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Zugehörige Produkte & Lösungen

  • Druckmessumformer

    Die präzisen und stabilen Prozessdruckmessungen der Messumformer von Yokogawa gewährleisten, dass ihre Anlage sicher, zuverlässig und gewinnbringend läuft.

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  • Durchflussmesser

    Yokogawa bietet eine breite Palette von Lösungen zur Durchflussmessung, die allesamt mit hoher Qualität, Genauigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit glänzen. Mit über 100 Jahren Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Durchflussmessern bieten unsere Technologien eine Lösung für nahezu alle möglichen Anwendungen.

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  • SCADA-System

    Unser IoT-kompatibles SCADA-System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) optimiert die Automation und Überwachung im gesamten Unternehmen.

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