OpreX Data Acquisition

Eine Gruppe von Datenerfassungsprodukten, mit denen physikalische Größen wie Temperaturen und Drücke gemessen, aufgezeichnet, analysiert und angezeigt werden. Das Hauptprodukt, ein Aufzeichnungs- und Datenerfassungsgerät, ist in Bezug  auf Messgenauigkeit und Störunempfindlichkeit branchenführend.

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the measurement, recording, analysis, and presentation of real-world phenomena. It includes electrical measurements such as voltage, current, and power as well as measurements of temperature, pressure, flow, level, strain, acceleration, pH, humidity and more by sensors and transducers.
Selecting the ideal recorders/data loggers depends on the application. Typical factors include sample rates, channel scalability, signal conditioning, sensor types, analysis capability, mobility, and environmental conditions. Yokogawa recorders/data loggers are recognized for industry leading measurement accuracy, noise tolerance, and build quality. 


Data Acquisition

OpreX Data Acquisition belongs to the OpreX Measurement category of the comprehensive OpreX brand for Yokogawa's industrial automation (IA) and control business. A group of data acquisition products that measure, record, analyze, and display data on physical phenomena such as temperature and pressure. The main products, recorders and data loggers, lead the market in measurement accuracy and noise immunity.

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Important notice

Date Product Remarks
October 7, 2022 SMARTDAC+ STANDARD Universal Viewer Bug fixed: Logarithmic data
January 26, 2022 GA10/GA10CL About supporting Web browser of the GA10
June 29, 2021 GA10/GA10CL Bug fixed: Incorrect values may be recorded
June 29, 2021 GA10/GA10CL Bug fixed: Data of the Sushi Sensor may not be updated


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