Request for software update to the latest version to fix a bug

We found a software problem relating to the SMARTDAC+ Data Logging Software GA10/GA10CL. The following describes how to handle the problem.


Target version

R3.07.01, R3.07.02, R3.07.03
R3.08.01, R3.08.02, R3.08.03


The data of the Sushi Sensor is not updated during data acquisition under the following condition.

Occurrence condition

When 49 days have passed since the data acquisition of the Sushi Sensor was started with /SU option.


Please access GA10/GA10CL Data Logging software site from following link and get installer of the software that you are using there, then update your software with the installer.

Download each software (Member site: login required)
 *Please search for “GA10”.

  • GA10 Data Logging Software
  • GA10CL Client software for accessing Data Logging Software

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