Important notice : Bug fixed; Universal Viewer (Logarithmic data Universal Viewer)

Bug fixed: SMARTDAC+ STANDARD Universal Viewer (Logarithmic data) 

We found a software problem relating to the SMARTDAC+ STANDARD Universal Viewer. The following describes how to handle the problem.

Target version

R3.10.01 - R3.12.01


Under the following conditions, when a recorded data file containing logarithmic data (LOG input data) is signed-in with Universal Viewer, the logarithmic data will be rewritten with invalid (extremely large or extremely small) values.

Occurrence condition (Target data file)

The non-conformity occurs when recorded data is created with below mentioned models that meet all of the below conditions, and the occurrence procedure in below is performed. 
If any of the below conditions are not met, it will not occur.

  • Model used:GX10, GX20, GP10, GP20, GM10
  • Options:When both /AS (Advanced security function) and /LG (Log scale) option are added on above models
  • Setting:
    • When /AS (Advanced security function) use is on
    • When data file that can be signed-in
    • When record logarithmic data 1
      1  AI channel data (LOG calculation) 

Occurrence procedure

Step 1. Open the target data file with Universal Viewer
Step 2. Execute sign-in for the data file
Step 3. Close the data file or exit Universal Viewer
After performing step 2 above, the logarithmic data will be rewritten. 
After the first sign-in, until the target file is closed, the displayed data will be the one before rewriting.
After performing step 3 above, if you open the target data file again, the data that has been rewritten to an invalid value will be displayed.

Request for solution    

Please access Universal Viewer site from following link and get installer of the software that you are using there, then update your software with the installer.    
 Fixed version : R3.12.02 later    
Download each software (Member site : login required)    
 Please search for “Universal Viewer”.    

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