Not another Proof of Concept: Let's get SIRIous! (Dutch)

Date: mag 24, 2022
Location: Production Process Automation (PPA) event Hart van Holland, Nijkerk
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Companies are eager to take their first steps in digital transitions. Their enthusiasm often leads to the purchase of 'nice to have' technology with which they go looking for a problem. However, it is smarter to first look at problems that are urgent for your company, and then look for a solution.

Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) shows where digitization is most effective

The great thing is that the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) shows exactly where digitalization has the greatest effect. This SIRI method was developed by the World Economic Forum, among others, and analyses in detail how your company compares to peers. It also ranks priorities according to your own company's characteristics. In addition to independent benchmarking against a global database of companies, this method delivers the digitization steps that deliver value to you the fastest.

Achieve benefits of digital transformation faster

In his presentation, Maurice Houben, Solution Consultant at Yokogawa will explain how this is realized using practical examples. You will also discover in this half hour how you can benefit faster from the advantages of digital transformation.

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Production Process Automation (PPA) Event

Effectiveness and efficiency have been key words for the manufacturing and process industries over the years. Current developments around Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data and therefore Cyber Security require concrete and at the same time strategic choices. Once again, an interesting program will be offered by the members of FHI with, among others, keynote speaker Jacco Opmeer of Shell Global Solutions B.V. on what solutions there are to operate in the increasingly complex world.

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  • Smart Industry Readiness Index

    Magari siete ancora agli inizi, oppure vi siete già messi in marcia verso la trasformazione digitale. Non importa: lo Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) vi aiuta ad identificare la vostra attuale 'maturità digitale' e, a partire da lì, a stabilire priorità per le vostre azioni successive, sempre tenendo conto dei parametri di riferimento del vostro settore.

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