Optimizing Plant Performance Interview w. Yokogawa's Shu Kaihori at ARC World Industry Forum 2013

President & CEO of Yokogawa Electric Corporation of Japan, Shu Kaihori, discusses optimizing plant performance with Andy Chatha, President & CEO of ARC Advisory Group. 

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Advanced Decision Support

A consulting methodology based on Yokogawa consultants specializing in fields such as knowledge engineering and ergonomic design.

Alarm Management

Software solutions to help reduce risk and increase safety of plant operations through well-managed alarm systems.

Energy Management

  • Even with significant reductions on the cost of energy, energy is still typicall one-third of industrial facilities operating costs. Due to this, significant gains can be made by ensuring the efficient and effective use of energy whilst still achieving your production goals.
  • Yokogawa provide a comprehensive array of energy measurement, analytics, control and financial optimization solutions. This covers the full scope of consulting, implementation, execution and support.

Industrial IoT

In this rapidly changing world, one place where momentous change is being felt is the industrial automation field. Thanks to the advent of big data, cloud computing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and artificial intelligence, a digital transformation is underway that is changing every facet of how businesses operate.


Integrate big data to optimize plant data and develop optimal setpoint targets with real-time optimization.