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  • Conference Sep 13 - 15, 2023

    Oil and Gas Asia (OGA) 2023

    With Net Zero and sustainability taking centre stage, OGA 2023 is the catalyst for transformative change, boldly redefining the future of the oil, gas, energy, and petrochemicals engineering industry.

    Witness the innovations as our team of experts and consultants bring you through an immerse journey of decarbonisation and sustainability using with various clean energy and digital transformation solutions to address your challenges ranging from:

    • Energy transition and decarbonisation strategies
    • Carbon emission and management
    • Power stabilising and control
    • Evolving technologies and digital transformation
    • Smart manufacturing
    • Asset Management
    • LNG Supply Chain
    • Lifecycle Services
    • IT/OT integration, operational risks, disruptions and more.
  • Tradeshow Jun 13 - 15, 2023
    Kuching, Malaysia

    International Energy Week 2023

    Yokogawa Malaysia will be exhibiting at International Energy Week in Kuching, Malaysia from  13-15 June 2023, booth 054.

    We will be showcasing our Decarbonization and Renewables solutions to support the industry in achieving Net Zero Transition with a strategic, structured and integrated approach that includes assessment, roadmaps, system integration, and L1-L5 level implementation. Speak with our Decarbonisation experts and our technology partners to find out how to start and optimize your sustainablity activities to accelerate your transformation goals.