Y NOW 2021: Realizing Autonomous Operations

Dates: Nov 2 - 4, 2021
Location: Virtual Event

Y NOW 2021 Realizing Autonomous Operations Image

An autonomous operation is the ultimate destination in any digital transformation journey. Autonomous operations possess learning and adaptive capabilities that enable automated responses to emerging situations without human operator interaction. They can rapidly adapt to market disruptions and benefit from improved safety, higher reliability, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and expedited time-to-market. Y Now 2021 will showcase how to realize autonomous operations. 

Focus Areas 

The event will focus on 5 key areas for realizing autonomous operations:

Y Now 2021 Supply Chain Management

After last year's disruption, see how to take your newly found resilience and utilize it to deliver the demand-driven business model.

Y Now 2021 Energy Production Management

Learn the latest, best practices for balancing energy and production management in a rapidly transitioning environment with increased disruptors.

Y Now 2021 Asset Performance Management

Doing more with the same equipment requires new solutions using AI/ML and digital twin technologies and work processes for better APM.

Y Now 2021 Operational Risk Management

Learn from case studies about how cybersecurity, work processes and digital technologies are enhancing safety, operational discipline, and resilience.

Y Now 2021 On The Edge:  IIoT, Cloud, Edge. 5G

The IIoT, Cloud, Edge, 5G and advanced analytics have created a technological inflection point. Early adopters will reveal deployment highlights and results


Who Should Attend?

Increased merging of IT-OT and business-functional domains calls for new, silo-busting approaches. This event is particularly relevant and a must-attend for:

  • Chief digital, technology, or transformation officers - to understand and drive the big picture agenda
  • OT and IT management - to understand why respective OT and IT organizations must change their traditional adversarial attitudes and embrace each other.
  • Functional management (Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Supply Chain) - to understand how their respective functions can be transformed to deliver higher value-add.

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Call For Abstracts

Do you have a story to share about autonomous operations in your business?  Is your team executing best practices and proven processes to become more autonomous?  Do you feel you’re taking steps on a journey towards greater autonomy? 
We want to hear from you!

We invite all interested speakers to submit an abstract detailing your industry leadership to Yokogawa no later than July 16, 2021. 
Abstracts should be focused on these themes and be less than 200 words:

  1. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  2. Energy and Production Management
  3. Asset Performance Management (APM)
  4. Operational Risk Management
  5. On the Edge - The IIoT, Cloud, Edge, 5G and advanced analytics

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