CQ1 Software for upgrade

This software is designed for Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer CQ1.

CQ1 Software can be installed in PC other than CQ1 control workstation and customer can view/analyze data measured by CQ1 (CQ1 Offline Software). Software performance is guaranteed only if CQ1 Software is installed in PC designated by Yokogawa. CQ1 Software can be used by customer own PC but performance is not guaranteed. Minimum system requirements are as following. Because of RAM capacity, analysis function may not work by 32 bit OS PC. In case of using analysis function in offline PC, it is recommended using 64 bit OS PC of following specification.

OS 64bit OS (Windows 7/10 Japanese/English) 32bit OS (Windows 7/10 Japanese/English)
Processor 3.60 GHz 3.40 GHz
RAM 16GByte (32GByte*1) 4GByte<
HDD (Built-in) System drive(C:) 2TB, Data drive(D:) 3TB System drive(C:) 2TB, Data drive(D:) 3TB
Display 1920 x 1200 and over*2

*1 For the fast time-lapse function (100 fps), 32 GByte of memory is required.
*2 Do not change the resolution of display when using the CQ1 Software.


To use CQ1 software, the activation code is required.
After unzipping a zip file and installing the software, the MID will be displayed. Fill in the request sheet and send to us by e-mail.

Patch_CQ1_Software_Install.zip(196MB) Download
Install manual : IM80J01A03-01E_007.pdf(1MB) Download

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