Sensing Technology and its Applications

Definition of Sensor and Sensing Technology


Today's industrial landscape is characterized by unprecedented levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As a result, operational effectiveness, clubbed with lower cost and enhanced security, both for assets and personnel, has gained importance. In this backdrop, sensing technology and its advancements have played a key role for industrial operations to remain competitive and efficient.

Sensing technology and its various applications are constantly evolving in line with advancements in technology and business needs. Sensors are available to detect a wide variety of real-world properties–from distance to heat to pressure. Today’s products sense everything around them using sensors and they have the capacity to be extremely accurate, consume less power, and are inexpensive to install and maintain. Sensors are proving to be vital components in creating new value for their process and respective businesses.

What is Sensing Technology? How is it relevant to Sensors?

Sensors have a very wide range, and there are many types, but fundamentally, sensors are devices that detect the feature quantity of a measurement object and convert this quantity into a readable signal, which is displayed on an instrument. And sensing technology, simply put, is a technology that uses sensors to acquire information by detecting the physical, chemical, or biological property quantities and convert them into readable signal.
Sensor Definition and Functionality Sensor Definition and Functionality

There are a wide variety of sensors available for practically any industrial need. For demanding, mission-critical industrial applications, sensors can help improve processes, and offer unmatched asset protection.

These sensors offer real-time monitoring, including detection and reporting, as needed by a process. Data monitored and collected by sensors is sent for control and analysis, and any anomaly in a particular property is reported by emitting an electrical signal by that sensor. This way, sensors enhance process efficiency and product quality, while ensuring that processes comply with best practices.

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