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Yokogawa, with its innovative sensor products and services, caters to the automation needs of various industries. By engaging with multiple organizations, both inside and outside the company, including customers, Yokogawa has been continuously providing innovative products and solutions for modern process needs such as high-performance sensors needed to ensure stable and high-precision performance under all circumstances. The ability to accurately and reliably measure pressure, flow, temperature, and level rate is invaluable when trying to control a process. Also, the use of process analyzers is essential to determine the chemical composition or physical properties of substances involved in industrial processes. Yokogawa's comprehensive product line has a sensor for all major industrial needs.

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure or level of industrial liquids, gases, and steam. Accurate and stable process measurements ensure a safe, reliable, and profitable operation in a wide range of industries. Equipped with the world's first silicon resonant sensor that uses Yokogawa's proprietary technology – DPharp series – it is designed to be robust and functions accurately in the harshest environment, despite being compact in size and lightweight.

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Flow Meters

Flow meters measure the volumetric or mass flow rate of a fluid. The fluid itself has various properties such as density, viscosity, electrical conductivity, corrosiveness, or abrasion. Depending on pressure and temperature, and process condition, the fluid becomes steam or turns into a multiphase flow condition. Therefore, there are various methods for measuring the flow rate depending on the application. Yokogawa offers a flow meter's lineup of Coriolis, magnetic, vortex, and ultrasonic for the process automation industry. The features of these flow meters of Yokogawa are high quality, high accuracy, and high reliability, and Yokogawa offers many specifications depending on customer application.

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Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters are used to measure and monitor the temperature of measurement objectives and send the reading to a controller. Since they are used in a variety of different applications, accuracy and reliability are critical as an inaccurate reading can have a direct impact on the application. Yokogawa offers head-mount, panel-mount, and field-mount devices for different applications. By eliminating special cabling requirements and simplifying engineering and maintenance while enabling advanced diagnostics, Yokogawa’s temperature transmitters are way ahead of its competitors and are designed to withstand high-temperature environments.

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Level Meters

Level meters measure the liquid and powder levels. Depending on the surrounding environment, the interface state of the measurement object may be heterogeneous, the measurement location may be in a tank or open circuit, the usage environment or the measurement objective may be hot or corrosive. Therefore, there are various methods for level measurement depending on the application. Yokogawa offers a lineup of non-contact radar level meters, ultrasonic level meters, contact-type differential pressure level meters, and guide pulse level meters for the process automation industry. These level meters feature high quality, high accuracy, and high reliability, and Yokogawa offers wide range of specifications to meet customer needs.

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Gas Analyzers

Real-time gas analysis enhances efficiency, safety, throughput, and product quality, and ensures environmental compliance. Gas analysis can utilize various technologies such as tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS), zirconia oxygen analysis, paramagnetic oxygen analysis, infrared gas analysis, stack gas analysis, process gas chromatography, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), hydrogen purity analysis, gas density analysis, and calorie analysis. Selecting the correct technology is critical to measurement accuracy, reliability, and durability.

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Liquid Analyzers

Liquid analyzers, including smart sensors, are used for monitoring process chemistry, including water quality, providing process optimization and control. Common measurements include pH, ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), conductivity, dissolved oxygen, choline and turbidity. Liquid analysis is essential for protecting capital assets, including boilers and cooling towers, waste water, water purification process, SWAS for boiler water, by preventing corrosion, minimizing maintenance, and maximizing uptime. Yokogawa is a recognized world leader for reliable liquid analytical equipment, providing accurate and repeatable solutions for maintaining and controlling even the most demanding process applications with unparalleled ease of operation.

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