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Predictive and preventive asset maintenance, coupled with accurate process monitoring, is the sole responsibility of the sensing technology employed at process plants. Yokogawa, with years of experience in sensing technology, sensor applications, and reliable control systems, has solutions for all sorts of industries with varying complexities. Through constant innovation and the drive to achieve higher efficiency, Yokogawa has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions for data acquisition, field instruments, process analyzers, system networking, and sensing components for accurate asset and process management.

Improved Detection of Bus Bar Overheating

Uninsulated strips of highly conductive metal such as copper or aluminum are called Bus bars. Owing to their low electrical resistance in comparison to insulated power cables, they can carry large electrical currents and are primarily used in power distribution systems. If a bolt or clamp (connecting the bus bars) comes lose or a welded joint fails, abnormal heating may occur resulting in increase in the electrical resistance. If left unchecked, overheating will lead to burning out of the power supply resulting in unplanned shutdown of plant operations.

The Yokogawa’s DTSX is a unique and innovative temperature monitoring solution that uses a fiber-optic cable as a temperature sensor. Since the sensor is not affected by electromagnetic noise, the DTSX is able to monitor distribution of temperature in units of 1-meter accuracy under a strong electric field. By quickly detecting overheating and pinpointing the location of a hotspot, the DTSX ensures that any problem can be responded to immediately, before it leads to a costly and expensive plant shutdown.

  • Accurate temperature monitoring under a strong electric field.
  • Flexible sensor cable for complex extended structure.
  • Quick detection with abnormal location to prevent burnout.
  • Condition based inspection work by temperature changes.

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Directly Measure Oxygen of Process Gas for Safe Measurement Solution

In managing risk at the plant, measurement of oxygen concentration in process gases is, of course, a matter of necessity. Engineers typically use sampling systems for these measurements, but samplers do not provide real-time values because it is necessary to extract the process gas, resulting in a time lag between measurement and phenomena. Unfortunately, this lag can hide sudden rises in concentrations of oxygen that may cause explosion.

Resolving this problem is Yokogawa's safe oxygen measuring solution featuring the TDLS laser gas analyzer. The TDLS can measure process gas directly in 5 seconds or fewer, and can keep your initial and running costs down. And it's highly safe—it has certified conformance to the SIL2 international safety standard. Yokogawa's solution has been used in a variety of measurement applications including oxygen concentration in oil refinery hydrocarbon vapors, oxygen concentration control with ethylene oxide reactors, and oxygen concentration in tank headspace gas.

  • Delivers Reliable High Speed Analysis in Emergencies.
  • Measures Accurately by Resisting Pressure, Temperature, Dust, and Other Impediments.
  • Solid, Simple Design Increases Reliability.

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Directly Measure Oxygen of Process Gas for Safe Measurement Solution
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