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Yokogawa has a comprehensive range of sensors and systems designed for the specific needs of enterprises and society. Recognized for their accuracy and build quality, Yokogawa’s specialized suite of products are targeted to a wide variety of industries.

Distributed Temperature Sensor

Swift economic growth and industrialization have led to a surge of large and advanced power plants. These plants depend on power infrastructure, which tends to degrade over time.

Left unchecked, deteriorating power cables and tunnels could result in poor performance, malfunction, and even the complete shutdown of operations, culminating in significant economic losses. Similarly, corrupted power components can lead to cable tunnel fire and abnormal cable temperatures, which result in asset loss and power outages. Yokogawa's DTSX products, an OpreX Field Instrument heat sensing and fire detection solution, were developed to solve this serious issue.

DTSX, which enables temperature measurement for lines and surfaces by leveraging sensing technology that makes full use of the characteristics of fiber optic sensor cables, can continuously measure temperature distribution.

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Predictive Maintenance of Pump Cavitation

Process industries use numerous, highly-complex assets such as piping, pumps, and valves. These assets need maintenance, although when it is required is not always clear. One cause of pump deterioration and breakage is “cavitation”. Cavitation is a physical phenomenon in which pressure differentials within a flowing liquid can quickly cause the formation of vapor-filled cavities, or bubbles. The energy released when these bubbles collapse can potentially cause significant damage to equipment and system failure.

Yokogawa analyzed the issue and uncovered a solution based on the quantification of a cavitation using pressure data. It can accurately detect cavitation in pumps much earlier by directly measuring weak pressure fluctuations as bubbles collapse within transmitters. By utilizing this sensing logic program and processing information in real time, cavitation sensor data analysis results in informed decision-making and strengthens operational process management. This intelligent and innovative approach to eliminate cavitation results in high ROI (Return on investment) for process users.

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