Film/Sheet Thickness Gauge

A film/sheet thickness gauge is used in the final stage of the film making process to accurately perform online measurement of film and sheet thickness. The resulting profiles can be used to precisely control thickness, significantly improving product quality and using materials more efficiently. The film/sheet thickness gauge is available for a wide variety of applications such as single-layered films, multi-layered films, coating layers, battery electrodes, and ceramic capacitors.


    Rechargeable battery technology has revolutionized mobile devices, creating a low-carbon society through EV, HV and stationary battery. This technology should be applied to large-scale electricity storage technology projects with an increasing emphasis on renewable energy.

    WEBFREX3ES measures the coat weight of battery electrode sheets with high accuracy on the battery electrode production line, which improves the safety and performance of the battery, and reduces production cost.

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    The WEBFREX NV system is used with film making machines to perform accurate online measurement of film and sheet thickness.

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