The remarkable progress of technology requires higher integration and miniaturization of semiconductors, which is a challenge for many of our customers.
Yokogawa is committed to providing optimal solutions to our customers by making the most of our experience and technology accumulated over many years in the semiconductor industry.



SMARTDAC+ GX series records the clean room temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, door openings and closings, etc.


In semiconductor manufacturing processes, a deficient clean room environment can lead to defects and wasted resources, making a strictly controlled clean room indispensable. Maintaining the environment in the clean room requires control of air filters, HVAC systems, room temperature, humidity, airborne particles, and other factors.


What if you could detect signs of abnormalities in bus ducts (bus bars) quickly during maintenance and inspection work and respond to them at just the right time? Yokogawa DTSX monitoring solution constantly monitors connections that tend to deteriorate over time and contributes by pinpointing abnormality locations and reducing workload of maintenance personnel, helping to ensure stability in plant operations.



As a gateway to further expand Yokogawa's messaging as a One-stop Solution Business, Yokogawa has partnered up with INCIT, to introduce the S.I.R.I. framework. 

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