Control System Upgrade at Mixing Tank Plant Matsumura Oil Research Corp., Chiba Plant

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Matsumura Oil Research Corporation, Japan
Control System Upgrade at Mixing Tank Plant
Matsumura Oil Research Corp., Chiba Plant

Matsumura Oil Research Corporation (MORESCO) was spun off from Maruzen Oil Corporation (the present Matsumura Oil Corporation) in 1958. MORESCO operates a plant in Chiba Prefecture that produces sulfonatesand liquid paraffin. The liquid paraffin operation has a worldwide reputation in this field because of its unique integrated manufacturing facilities.

Sulfonates are good surfactants. They are used in the cosmetics industry and other industries as either base materials or additive agents. There are various kinds of sulfonates and Matsumura specializes in petroleum sulfonates and synthetic sulfonates. The production of sulfonates requires years of experience in this field and the use of stable and advanced control technology. The CENTUM CS 1000 provided the control technology necessary to ensure stable and high-quality production.

The CENTUM CS 1000 has proven effective in automatically controlling these processes and eliminating the sludge that they produce.

Why they chose Yokogawa CENTUM CS 1000

The YEWPACK MARK II, an older generation Yokogawa control system, was already in use at The CENTUM CS 1000 upgrade was implemented to improve the collection of detailed operational means of advanced information technology, to make the system fully redundant in order to ensure operation around the clock, and to put in place a plant information network throughout the facility. Sangyo Co., Ltd. (a representative of Yokogawa) and the customer executed this upgrade. With MARK II already in place, engineering tasks proceeded smoothly and it was possible to start-up and plant after only a short shut down - similar to that of a regular maintenance shutdown.

From Customer

"The YEWPACK MARK II was a very good system. However, the CENTUM CS1000 has many more powerful functions such as enhanced operator stations, complete redundancy, advanced control capability, an easy replacement / upgrade procedure, and speedy documentation. We would like to make continued improvements to make more use of the CENTUM CS 1000's IT capabilities by creating a communication / information network that includes the office area. "


System: CENTUM CS 1000
System Configuration: HIS x2, PFCD x4, Serial Printer x2,Color Hard Copy x1
Total I/O: Analog +/- 200, Digital +/- 200


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Since it was released in 1993, CENTUM CS is widely applied in the plants of oil refinery, petrochemical, chemistry, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, metal, cement, paper pulp, food and pharmaceutical industries, and power, gas and water supply as well as many other public utilities.

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