Training Center

Training in Yokogawa Philippines ensures participants get a full hands-on learning made possible by a wide array of training equipments and modules designed with industry standards and actual plant set-up in mind. Participants do not just learn the theory behind every industrial process, but also get a chance to actually control the process using the unique demo plant, modular controls simulating flow, temperature, level and pressure control and Safety Systems for Emergency Shutdown.

Aside from process controls, motor control modules are also available. From simple to advanced startup sequence to variable motor control using either DCS or basic and advanced PLCs. Monitoring and control of such can be implemented using HMI & SCADA systems available in Yokogawa Philippines.

Plant information is a powerful tool to better manage a plant. Part of Yokogawa’s complete plant solution is Exaquantum which is a PIMMS product. Yokogawa Philippines also offers training on how to administer and explore this powerful software suite.

Training Solutions & Development in Yokogawa Philippines implements a well-rounded approach to learning, thus not only industrial process and control are offered but also basic to advanced instrumentation engineering. Protocols from Foundation Fieldbus, HART, and Profibus to BRAIN are available.

As part of the overall approach to industrial training, Training Solutions & Development in Yokogawa Philippines also conducts training in industrial network implementation and security. As most modern industrial plants become integrated using advances in both wired and wireless networking, Training Solutions & Development makes sure that plant engineers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to keep up with the fast changing network technology.

This makes Yokogawa Philippines Training Solutions & Development the best place in the South East Asian region for Plant Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, IT Personnel and Plant Asset Managers to advance in their respective field.