The Road to Realizing Pharma 4.0

In addition to achieving Industry 4.0, Pharma 4.0 will also need to meet obligations arising from regulatory requirements specific to the pharmaceutical industry, such as the ICH Quality Guidelines and GxP.
A forward-thinking professional vision that encompasses the understanding of Pharmaceutical Quality System and other regulations, along with practical IT implementation skills, is essential.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in IT, operation and control technology, we aim to build an advanced improvement cycle that is useful to all management levels, and eventually achieve Pharma 4.0 together with our customers.


  • Pharmaceutical

    The pharmaceutical industry currently faces a major challenge in taking full advantage of the opportunities presented in large emerging markets. Now, more than ever, pharmaceutical companies need to introduce lean manufacturing techniques that will enhance profitability. As one of the world's leading industrial automation suppliers, Yokogawa is committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your best manufacturing practices.

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