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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Pharmaceutical & Food

Application Examples

Title Products
Monitoring Sterilization Tank Temperature and Pressure in a Food Processing Plant Paperless recorder (GX20)
DXAdvanced Multi-batch Function Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Application Example of the Custom Display Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Recording Data from Sterilizers and Purifiers Recording Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Monitoring Room Temperature and Humidity in Animal Testing Labs Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Recording Temperature and Humidity in Freezers and Thermostatic Chambers Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Sterilization Temperature Acquisition and Monitoring System Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Data acquisition unit (MW100)
F-value Computation for the Sterilization Process of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Products Industrila recorder (µR10000/µR20000)
Monitoring Chemical, Gas, and Electricity Usage in Factorie Signal conditioner (JUXTA)
Power monitor (PR300)
Data acquisition software suite (DAQWORX)
Food - Temperature Management of Food Filling Equipment- Paperless recorder (DX1000/DX2000)
Tank Level Control and Monitoring in Food Manufacturing Processes Signal conditioner (JUXTA)

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