Button Operated MV1000/MV2000
Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2014. See this replacement product:

Test laboratories require portable, rigorous, continuous monitoring in the design, validation, and service stages of product development, product testing, and manufacturing. The MV series is Yokogawa's battery operated laboratory recorder, with handle and footstands to enable portable and benchtop use.

The MVAdvanced portable paperless recorders are high performance and easy to use test instruments that handle a wide range of measurements in your lab, plant, or test stand. MVAdvanced has powerful stand-alone data logging capability, and it connects easily to your network to bring your test data directly into your PC environment. 



In addition to the GX/GP series, the Universal viewer can display files created on existing models (the DX, DXP, CX, and MV series). It also supports display and signing (electronic signatures) of files from Part 11-compliant models. For details, se...


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