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Moving your plant towards digital transformation need not be a difficult journey. Let Yokogawa be your partner on this journey, and give you an insight into our range of world class solutions, that help you get to your destination sooner. 


Plan your journey for digital transformation with Yokogawa Digital Solutions

Life Business

Well-Being – Life Business
BU-Food and Beverage Industry
LIMS Quality
Pharma Manufacturing
Single cell system
Oprex EMS EM1EX - BU 80P01A03-01EN_000
FlowCam 8000 Industry
Single Cellome SU10 Brochure
FA-M3 Catalogue

Filed Instruments & Sensors

ADMAG Total insight- BU01E21A01-01EN 004
DTSX1_Fiber Optic Heat Detector
FluidCom Optimizing Chemical Injection Performance
Product Solution Catalogue- BU00A03B02-01E 014
Wireless- BU01W01A13-01EN 005
Pressures EJA
Pressures EJX
Sushi Sensor

Power & Water

Hydro- BU53T01A02-03EN 001
Solar PV- BU53T01A02-01EN_002
Versatile Dynamic Power Plant Simulator with High-fidelity Plant Model
Waste to Energy and Biomass- BU53T01A02-06EN 001
Wind- BU53T01A02-02EN 001
Yokogawa in the Power Industry BU53T01A01-01E 008
Yokogawa in the Water Industry- BU53W01A03-01E 003
Waste and Biomass Combustion Biolers DD-Jet Cleansing System
Combustion Optimization of Waste & Biomass Incinerators by FuzEvent
Yokogawa Solutions for Renewable Energy

Solution Based Softwares

Alarm Management
Exapilot_Operation Efficiency Improvement Package
Exaquantum Delivers Production Excellence
Exaquantum_Plant Informatiom Management System
Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation


Agile Project Execution in pursuit of Project Excellence for Customers
Centum VP- BU33J01A10-01EN 004
FAST TOOLS- BU50A01A00-02EN 004
Plant Asset Management Cavitation Detection System
PROSAFE RS- BU32P01A20-01EN 003
PROSAFE RS- BU32S01B10-01E 016


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